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September 01-03, 2022 | Online Event
GPMB 2022

Plant defense against virus diseases; growth hormones in highlights

Hassan Naveed, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2022
Leshan Normal University, China
Title : Plant defense against virus diseases; growth hormones in highlights


Phytohormones are critical in various aspects of plant biology such as growth regulations and defense strategies against pathogens. Plant–virus interactions retard plant growth through rapid alterations in phytohormones and their signaling pathways. Recent research findings show evidence of how viruses impact upon modulation of various phytohormones affecting plant growth regulations. The opinion is getting stronger that virus-mediated phytohormone disruption and alteration weaken plant defense strategies through enhanced replication and systemic spread of viral particles. These hormones regulate plant–virus interactions in various ways that may involve antagonism and cross talk to modulate small RNA (sRNA) systems. The article aims to highlight the recent research findings elaborating the impact of viruses upon manipulation of phytohormones and virus biology.


I am Hassan Naveed from Pakistan. I graduated (PhD) from Northwest A&F University Yangling in 2018 with a major in Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control. For 9 months, I worked as a postdoctoral candidate at Nankai University, Tianjin, China. From June 2019, I will be working as a Senior Researcher/Associate Professor at Leshan Normal University, Leshan, China. My research direction is insect systematics and biodiversity.