• Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Klaus Ammann

    Klaus Ammann

    University of Bern

    Title: How science can help to ease up the harsh GMO dispute

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Cornelia Butler Flora

    Cornelia Butler Flora

    Kansas State University

    Title: The Social Imperative of Soil Microbiology: Understanding Soil/Plant Interactions for a Better Planet

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Monica Ruffini Castiglione

    Monica Ruffini Castiglione

    University of Pisa

    Title: New scenarios for crop plants: TiO2 nanoparticles in sludge-amended agricultural soil

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Antonova Galina Feodosievna

    Antonova Galina Feodosievna

    VN Sukachev Institute of Forest Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

    Title: Annual ring formation in Scots pine stems as the reaction on seasonal changes in photosynthesis and respiration

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Cezary Piotr Sempruch

    Cezary Piotr Sempruch

    Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

    Title: The effect of Tetraneura ulmi L. galling process on the activity of amino acid decarboxylases and the content of biogenic amines in Siberian elm tissues

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Ivan Paponov

    Ivan Paponov

    Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

    Title: Positive and negative feedback between reactive oxygen species and auxin for adjustment of plant growth under stress conditions

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Malgorzata Adamiec

    Malgorzata Adamiec

    Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Experimental Biology

    Title: Plant intramembrane proteases and beyond

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Michael Handford

    Michael Handford

    Universidad de Chile

    Title: Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) possesses multiple lipoyl synthases capable of increasing lipoylation levels in vivo

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Natalia Repkina

    Natalia Repkina

    Institute of Biology Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences

    Title: Modulating effect of low and high temperatures on wheat response to cadmium stress

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Elide Formentin

    Elide Formentin

    University of Padova

    Title: Salt tolerance in rice: Plant strategies and genetic improvement

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Magdalena Opalinska

    Magdalena Opalinska

    University of Wroclaw

    Title: Plant i-AAA protease controls the turnover of the essential mitochondrial protein import component

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Moses Kwame Aidoo

    Moses Kwame Aidoo

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

    Title: Physiology and metabolism of roots in response to extreme temperatures stress

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Yuke He

    Yuke He

    Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

    Title: Development of leafy head upon micro-RNA coordination

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Sameera Omar Bafeel

    Sameera Omar Bafeel

    King Abdulaziz University, Science college

    Title: Differential oxidative and biochemical responses of tomato and maize leaves to Spodoptera exigua herbivory

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah

    Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah

    Universiti Putra Malaysia

    Title: A novel CBF from oil palm that regulates abiotic stress response and the ripening process through modulation of the ethylene signaling pathway

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Alberto Guillen Bas

    Alberto Guillen Bas

    University of Valencia

    Title: An ecological approximation for the study of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) sporulation in Mediterranean sand dunes

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Carmen Quinonero Lopez

    Carmen Quinonero Lopez

    University of Copenhagen

    Title: Thapsia garganica L. in vitro plants as a new production platform of thapsigargins

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Laura Fattorini

    Laura Fattorini

    Sapienza University of Rome

    Title: How does indole-3-butyric acid induce adventitious root formation in Arabidopsis thaliana thin cell layers?

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Meltem Bayraktar

    Meltem Bayraktar

    Ahi Evran University

    Title: Contributions of Plant Tissue Culture to Plant Science

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Mukesh Meena

    Mukesh Meena

    Banaras Hindu University

    Title: Comparative evaluation of biochemical changes in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) infected by Alternaria alternata and its toxins (TeA, AOH and AME)

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Victoria Cristea

    Victoria Cristea

    Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca

    Title: Biotechnologies for ex situ Conservation of botanical important Plant Species and molecular Techniques used for investigating in vitro genetic Stability

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Selcuk Aslan

    Selcuk Aslan

    Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology

    Title: Transforming the future of agriculture through synthetic photorespiratory bypass

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Sofia Kourmpetli

    Sofia Kourmpetli

    Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute

    Title: Identification of transcriptional regulators of cereal grain development and quality

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Aline Koch

    Aline Koch

    Justus-Liebig University

    Title: RNA spray fights fungus

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Seanna Hewit

    Seanna Hewit

    Washington State University

    Title: Overcoming the challenges of determining genetic diversity in closely related genotypes that have undergone a genetic bottleneck

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Javier Terol Alcayde

    Javier Terol Alcayde

    Centro de Genomica, IVIA

    Title: Sequencing of 260 Citrus Varieties: Linking Genotypes to Phenotypes

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Susan Yvonne Jaconis

    Susan Yvonne Jaconis

    CSIRO Agriculture

    Title: Plant sex: How hot is too hot? Reproductive screening for heat tolerance in cotton

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Acga Cheng

    Acga Cheng

    University of Malaya

    Title: There is far more to underutilised cereals than meets the eye

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Henrik Toft Simonsen

    Henrik Toft Simonsen

    Technical University of Denmark

    Title: Fragrant plants used as air fresheners in private households

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Yeyun Xin

    Yeyun Xin

    China National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center

    Title: Integrated analysis of phenome, genome and transcriptome of hybrid rice uncovered multiple heterosis-related loci for yield increase

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Sandhya Mehrotra

    Sandhya Mehrotra

    Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani

    Title: Targeting chloroplast bicarbonate transporters BicA and SbtA to chloroplasts of Nicotiana for enhanced CO2 fixation

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Gustavo Souza

    Gustavo Souza

    Federal University of Pernambuco Bioscience Center

    Title: Using genomic repeat abundance and cytogenomic approaches to infer phylogenetic relationships in Caesalpinia sensu lato (Fabaceae)

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Rachel Swee-Suak Ko

    Rachel Swee-Suak Ko

    Academia Sinica, ABRC/BCST

    Title: Tightly controlled expression of bHLH142 is essential for timely tapetal programmed cell death and pollen development in rice

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Kikakedimau Nakweti Rufin

    Kikakedimau Nakweti Rufin

    Regional Center of Nuclear Studies of Kinshasa

    Title: Increasing of secondary metabolites against malaria by mutagenesis

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Yougasphree Naidoo

    Yougasphree Naidoo

    School of Life Sciences

    Title: Secretory structures of the leaves of Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn. (Malvaceae)

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Mathewos Agize Ante

    Mathewos Agize Ante

    College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Wolaita Sodo University

    Title: Medicinal plants and indigenous knowledge for well-being of local people in some areas of Southern Ethiopia

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Julian Witjaksono

    Julian Witjaksono

    The Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology of Souhteast Sulawesi

    Title: Meta-Analysis of Economic Indicators in Developing Genetically Modified (GM) Cotton

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Leif Sundheim

    Leif Sundheim

    Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

    Title: Risk assessment of dietary exposure to deoxynivalenol in different age groups in Norway

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Samir C. Debnath

    Samir C. Debnath

    St. John’s Research and Development Centre

    Title: In vitro and molecular techniques combined with conventional methods for horticultural crop improvement

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Goutam Gupta

    Goutam Gupta

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Title: Understanding of plant innate immune response and engineering of novel innate immunity for pathogen clearance and disease protection.

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Victoria A Piunova

    Victoria A Piunova

    IBM Almaden Research Center

    Title: Treating plants with plastic: Macromolecular therapies to combat infections in palnts

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf

    Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf

    National Research Council Canada

    Title: Metabolomics analysis of the effect of changed CO2 concentration on the wheat’s response to Fusarium Head Blight

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Paola Leonet

    Paola Leonet


    Title: Defense mechanisms in multi-actor relationships: Pathogenesis related gene response in agricultural important crops

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Qian-Hua Shen

    Qian-Hua Shen

    Institute of Genetics & Developmental Biology

    Title: A barley powdery mildew candidate effector regulates host immune responses through destabilizing HvCAT1

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Giulia Chitarrin

    Giulia Chitarrin

    Fondazione Edmund Mach

    Title: Analysis of metabolites modulated by Plasmopara viticola infection in Bianca grapevine leaves

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Antonio Domenech-Carbo

    Antonio Domenech-Carbo

    University of Valencia

    Title: Electrochemolomic methodology for plant taxonomy

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Nurshafika Mohd Sakeh

    Nurshafika Mohd Sakeh

    Universiti Putra Malaysia

    Title: Characterization of transcription factors involved in early defense response during interaction of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) with Ganoderma boninense.

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Adel Saleh Hussein Al-Abed

    Adel Saleh Hussein Al-Abed

    National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension

    Title: Performance of Grafted Galia and Ananas Melon Types under Different Salinity Concentrations

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Md Abdullahil Baki Bhuiyan

    Md Abdullahil Baki Bhuiyan

    The University of Melbourne

    Title: TaqMan PCR assay for detection and quantification of Stagonosporopsis tanaceti in pyrethrum seed and seedlings

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Manju Sharma

    Manju Sharma

    Amity Institute of Biotechnology

    Title: GFP tagging of Ralstonia solanacearum facilitate its easy tracking in tomato cultivars without affecting virulence

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Sergio Molinari

    Sergio Molinari


    Title: Activation of Innate Plant Immunity as a Sustainable Strategy for Pest Management

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Jaroslava Ovesna

    Jaroslava Ovesna

    Crop Research institute

    Title: Development and application of DNA and metabolic markers for characterisation and selection of garlic cultivars

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - John B. Carrigan

    John B. Carrigan

    RebelBio SOSV

    Title: Bursting to life as a Biotech Entrepreneur, Why accelerators matter

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Bardouki Haido

    Bardouki Haido


    Title: Characterization of Kumquat (Fortunella margarita) peel essential oil and hydrosol fraction and their potential as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agents

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Natalia Tomas Marques

    Natalia Tomas Marques

    Universidade do Algarve

    Title: Perspectives on the use of reflectance spectra in the visible/near infrared region to detect the Citrus tristeza virus

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Azza M. Salama

    Azza M. Salama

    Cairo University

    Title: Response of Stevia rebaudiana bertoni to foliar application with yeast or seaweed extracts on growth, anatomical and chemical structure

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Chang-Yoon JI

    Chang-Yoon JI

    University of Science & Technology

    Title: Transcriptome profiling during low temperature storage of sweetpotato tuberous roots to elucidate the mechanism of chilling injury

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Kgabo Martha Pofu

    Kgabo Martha Pofu

    Agricultural Research Council

    Title: Managing root-knot nematodes in potatoes using cucurbitacin-containing phytonematicides: A success story in South Africa

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Siegfried Zerche

    Siegfried Zerche

    Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable & Ornamental Crops

    Title: Facilitation of adventitious root formation by nitrogen remobilization on reversible darkinduced carbohydrate depletion and potential application in horticulture

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Piergiorgio Stevanato

    Piergiorgio Stevanato

    University of Padova

    Title: Omics responses of sugar beet to changes in sulfate availability

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Seong Wook Yang

    Seong Wook Yang

    Yonsei University

    Title: The switch from skotomorphosgenesis to photomorphogenesis triggers the regulatory transition of miRNA biogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Alexander Hahn

    Alexander Hahn

    Max Planck Institute for Biophysic

    Title: Cryo-EM Structure of the chloroplast ATP synthase from Spinach

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Klaus Harter

    Klaus Harter

    University of Tuebingen, Center for Plant Molecular Biology

    Title: Hormone-modulated response modules in the plasma membrane initiating early events in plant cell elongation

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Laigeng Li

    Laigeng Li

    Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology

    Title: Dissection of the remorin gene function in rice

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker- Thomas C Mueller

    Thomas C Mueller

    University of Tennessee

    Title: Herbicide Resistant Amaranthus palmeri poses major evolutionary and ecological challenges to broad acre farming operations in the United States.

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Djusdil Akrim

    Djusdil Akrim

    Bosowa Polytechnic

    Title: Model of Enterpreneurship Capacity Building of Seaweed Farmers in Takalar District, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Ingeborg Lang

    Ingeborg Lang

    University of Vienna

    Title: Eco-physiology of abiotic stress tolerance in selected bryophytes

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Victor B. Amoroso

    Victor B. Amoroso

    Central Mindanao University

    Title: Ferns and Lycophytes in Balinsasayao, Philippines: Participatory Inventory, Assessment and Conservation Initiatives

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Gelsomina Fico

    Gelsomina Fico

    University of Milan

    Title: The Mexican Salvia blepharophylla and Salvia greggii in an ecological context: Scents, biotic relationships and exudates

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Carfagna Simona

    Carfagna Simona

    Naples, University “Federico II”

    Title: Microalgae: An excellent tool to study the effects of sulphur nutrition starvation on plants in general

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Maria Conceicao Rangel

    Maria Conceicao Rangel

    University of Porto

    Title: Effect of tris(3-hydroxy-4-pyridinonate) iron(III) complexes in iron deficiency chlorosis

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Janaina Oliveira Cruz

    Janaina Oliveira Cruz

    UNESP - Univ. Estadual Paulista

    Title: Hydric stress and silicon in the activity of antioxidant enzymes in cv Micro-Tom tomato

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Seyed Abdollah Hosseini

    Seyed Abdollah Hosseini

    Agro Innovation International - Roullier group

    Title: Induction of barley silicon transporters HvLsi1 and HvLsi2 is responsible for silicon accumulation in shoot under concomitant drought and K deficiency

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Noe Lopez-Martinez

    Noe Lopez-Martinez

    Universidad Autonoma Chapingo

    Title: Synergism of the false root-knot nematode Nacobbus aberrans and Phytophthora capsici manifested by alteration of phenylpropanoid metabolism in Capsicum annuum

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Elena Rakosy-Tican

    Elena Rakosy-Tican

    Babes-Bolyai University

    Title: Applying combinatorial biotechnology in potato as an example of crop improvement

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Kariyat Ramachandran Rupesh Ram

    Kariyat Ramachandran Rupesh Ram

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

    Title: Cascading effects of inbreeding on plant-herbivore interactions.

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Ivica Djalovic

    Ivica Djalovic

    Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops

    Title: Aluminium and drought stress: Physiological basis and genetic tools to improve crop resistance

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Viviane Radl

    Viviane Radl

    Helmholtz Zentrum München

    Title: From seeds to roots: The role of seed-borne endophytes for the composition of the active microbiome of barley roots

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Bernardo Gonzalez Ojeda

    Bernardo Gonzalez Ojeda

    University Adolfo Ibanez

    Title: Effect of copper on the plant-bacteria interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and the metal resistant bacterium Cupriavidus metallidurans CH34

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker- Abdul Razaque Memon

    Abdul Razaque Memon

    Usak University

    Title: Gene expression of metal transporting P-type ATPases in Brassica nigra and Brassica juncea grown at different levels of Cu and Zn

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Havrlentova Michaela

    Havrlentova Michaela

    Research Institute for Plant Productio

    Title: Oat beta-glucan – miracle or reality?

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Hideyasu Fujiyama

    Hideyasu Fujiyama

    Tottori University

    Title: Differences in sodium dependence in sodium-loving plants

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Errol Vela

    Errol Vela

    University of Montpellier – UMR AMAP

    Title: Flow cytometry as a support tool for the identification of cryptic species?

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Saglara Mandzhieva

    Saglara Mandzhieva

    Southern federal university

    Title: The effect of industrial aerosol emissions on the heavy metals content and distribution in herbaceous plants

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Gayle Alisha Kharshiing

    Gayle Alisha Kharshiing

    North Eastern Hill University

    Title: Patterns of nucleotide diversity on the waxy locus linked to AAC of rice (Oryzae sativa L.) in northeast India

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker- Phatu William

    Phatu William

    University of Limpopo

    Title: Cucurbitacin-containing phytonematicides induce concentration-responses on selected nutrient elements in leaf tissues of green bean

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Peiman Zandi

    Peiman Zandi

    Institute of Environment and Development in Sustainable Agriculture

    Title: Drought stress and air humidity provoke stomatal functioning

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Maletsema Alina Mofokeng

    Maletsema Alina Mofokeng

    Agricultural Research Council-Grain Crops

    Title: Cowpea potential, production constraints and utilization in South Africa

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Arooran Kanagendran

    Arooran Kanagendran

    Estonian University of Life Sciences

    Title: Impact of Elevated Ozone and Wounding on Foliage Stress Volatile Emissions and Gas Exchange of Tasmanian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus)

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Prashant Swapnil

    Prashant Swapnil

    Banaras Hindu University

    Title: Recombinant glycinebetaine improves metabolic activities, ionic balance and salt tolerance in diazotrophic freshwater cyanobacteria

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Fouad Maalouf

    Fouad Maalouf


    Title: Improving faba bean for sustainable agriculture in dry areas

  • Plant Science 2017 Speaker - Mohsen Janmohammadi

    Mohsen Janmohammadi

    University of Maragheh

    Title: The effects of beneficial nano-particles and nano-structured fertilizers on plants growth