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September 01-03, 2022 | Paris, France

Scientific Program

Keynote speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2021 - Klaus Ammann
Keynote Presentation
Title : Evolution, Humanity, Science and Molecules
Klaus Ammann, University of Bern, Switzerland

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Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Frederik Botha
Keynote Presentation
Title : Insight into the supply and demand functions of the sugarcane culm
Frederik Botha, The University of Queensland, Australia

The C4 grasses such as sugarcane, sorghum, Napier grass and Miscanthus hold much promises as feedstock for bioenergy production due to their high biomass yields.  Most of the harvestable biomass in these species is the culm which could represent up to 75% of the total aboveground mass.  The process by which grasses produce, transport, and store carbohydrates underpins all aspects of yiel [....] » Read More

Leading speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2021 - Jagdish Kumar Ladha
Keynote Presentation
Title : What is the Nitrogen Story?
Jagdish Kumar Ladha, University of California-Davis, USA

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Speaker for Plant Science Conferences 2021_Arnold Gegechkori
Oral Presentation
Title : Impoverishment of the Turanian biota in discrete relict patches of painted deserts across East Georgia
Arnold Gegechkori, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia

In South Caucasus true deserts occur in Armenia and Azerbaijan. In third country of this region, Georgia is represented only semi-deserts. However, three isolated patches of the Tertiary gypsum-bearing red clay painted deserts of eastern Georgia – attract attention via traditional biogeographical framework. Mentioned should be Davidgareja (E. Georgia), Aspindze and Adigeni (S. Georgia). The [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Benigno Villalón
Keynote Presentation

The USA wastes over $3.5 trillion trying to keep its sick citizens from dying, but they still die too soon. The obesity and diabetes rates in our country have reached tsunamic proportions. A weak immune system results in many human diseases (heart, hypertension, high blood sugar, obesity, diabetes, pancreas, liver, kidney failures, dementia and cancers). The metabolic syndrome can be the result of [....] » Read More

Speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2021- Najda Agnieszka
Oral Presentation

The study determined the effect of temperature (45 to 85 °C) during the vacuum drying process of the Mentha x piperita L. var. officinalis Sole f. pallescens Camus for the quality of the raw material. Herb color and chlorophyll content, the sum of polyphenolic compounds (TPC) and flavonoids (TFC) as well as the antioxidant activity of the extracts were analyzed using the DPPH test. Drying affe [....] » Read More

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences 2021: Pavlovskaya N.E
Keynote presentation
Title : Field crops as a source of biologically active substances for crop production
Pavlovskaya N.E, Orlov State Agricultural University, Russian Federation

Field crops: Barley Hordéum vulgáre, oats Avena sativa and buckwheat Fagopýrum esculéntum contain biologically active metabolites with stimulating, fungitoxicity and adaptable properties on which plant biological control tools for harmful plants are created and tested Organisms. From the roots of oates isolated avenacin, from the grain of barley gordecin, from leaves an [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Vakhtang Barbakadze
Oral Presentation

A new polysaccharide is the main chemical constit­uent of  high molecular (>1000 kDa) water-soluble preparations from  medicinal plants of  Symphytum asperum, S.caucasicum, S.officinale, S.grandiflorum,  Anchusa italica, Cynoglossum officinale and  Borago officinalis (Boraginaceae) according to data of liquid-state 1H, 13C NMR, 2D 1H/13C  HSQC, 2D DOSY and soli [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Helena du Plessis
Poster Presentation

South Africa is known globally for its rich plant biodiversity and various centres of endemism, of which the Sekhukhuneland Centre of Plant Endemism (SCPE) is one. This unique floristic region is located on the ultramafic and mafic rocks of the Rustenburg Layered Suite of the Bushveld Igneous Complex. Hibiscus coddii subsp. barnardii is a particularly attractive endemic plant species growing only [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Liudmyla Kozeko
Poster Presentation

Heat shock proteins are described to be molecular chaperones that promote protein folding and maintain cellular proteostasis in an organism under normal and stressful conditions. HSP90 family takes roles in many cellular processes through regulation of a diverse set of proteins involved in different signal pathways, cell growth and differentiation, plastic responses and control of heat shock respo [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Edgar Omar Rueda Puente
Oral Presentation
Title : The reconversion of agriculture in arid and desert areas at level word
Edgar Omar Rueda Puente, Universidad De Sonora, Mexico

The reconversion of crops refers to the change of product or activity that allows a better use of the soil, favors its fertility and breaks the biological cycles of pests and diseases to have an effective control and prevent them from becoming immune or resistant. Therefore, this change, whether of product or activity, represents greater economic profitability and social viability for the producer [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Pimentel, Carlos
Oral Presentation
Title : GHG production and effects on tropical agriculture: The case of Brazil
Pimentel, Carlos, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The activity of atmospheric gases, especially greenhouse gases (GHG), as water vapor, carbonic gas, methane, nitrogen oxides, and ozone, became an object of study because of its increase in the atmosphere, causing a rise in air temperature, drought events, and others environmental stresses. In addition to carbonic gas, there was an increase in the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in th [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - GNisreen AL-Quraan
Oral Presentation
Title : Environmental and Geographical Impacts on Ruta graveolens Plants Metabolism
Nisreen AL-Quraan, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Ruta graveolens is part of the Ruta family, widely known as the common Rue. It is a medicinal and culinary plant, commonly grown as an ornamental plant as well as medicinal herb. It is native to the Balkan Peninsula but is now grown in gardens throughout the world. Jarash and Ajloun are two different geographical and environmental areas in northern Jordan. The objective of this study is to determi [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - SAVA Parascovia
Oral Presentation

Increasingly, climate change affects agricultural crops, flora, fauna, atmosphere, which in fact affects human existence. Climate change causes essential losses in harvest crops, which affects global food security. In order to avoid drastic consequences, scientific researches are needed to assess the agricultural crops adaptability to climate change, to study different species, varieties, to ident [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Fateh Aljane
Oral Presentation

Fig (Ficus carica L.) is one of the most important fruit species grown in Mediterranean regions. In Tunisia, the production is about 29 000 tons, it represents 3 % of total word production. The fig is an economically important fruit species, which is cultivated extensively in over the country. RAPD and ISSR markers were used to determine the genetic diversity and relatedness among 12 fig acce [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Juan Leonardo Rocha Quiñones
Poster Presentation
Title : PDCA application in bean cultivation in Northern Mexico
Juan Leonardo Rocha Quiñones, Universidad Autonóma Agraria Antonio Narro, Mexico

Among the five varieties registered in 2010 by the INIFAP network of beans and other grain legumes in Durango is Pinto Bravo, which has been evaluated in different environments to establish its level of tolerance to environmental factors, which reduce productivity and grain quality. Among the factors that reduce bean productivity in the Semi-arid Altiplano, is humidity stress, which is caused by s [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Juan Leonardo Rocha Valez
Poster Presentation
Title : Effects of climate change on the development of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in the Lagunera region
Juan Leonardo Rocha Valez, Universidad Autonóma Agraria Antonio Narro, Mexico

Climate change has in some way affected the temperature of the environment, so that the increase in heat, the decrease in the rainy seasons, as well as the presence of early frosts and / or the anticipation of late frosts are considered among other factors. that can affect the development of the bean crop (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Method: The research was carried out in an experimental field of t [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Izolda Matchutadze
Oral Presentation

The landscape of the Kolkheti lowland on the Eastern coast of the Black Sea is characterized by over-saturated habitats: world unique percolation Sphagnum mire, relict forest, freshwater ponds, lakes, rivers, coastal sandy dunes and secondary meadows.  It should be noted that all habitats throughout the Kolkheti National Park are united by a hydrological web  . Throughout history, habita [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Benzhi Zhou
Oral Presentation

The soil carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) stoichiometry are key indicators of soil interior nutrient cycling and plant nutrient supply that play important roles in improving our understanding of biogeochemical cycling, and providing valuable information for forest management. To date, lots of related information was obtained from local scales, while little were focused on regional or la [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Xin Zhang
Oral Presentation

In the ovule evolution, the integument is the most attention point in discussion as a morphologic character of the seed plants. There are several theories and hypotheses about the origin of the integument were presented in the history. However, the development and function of the ovule envelopes are not so clear until now. The ovule development of the basal gymnosperms Cycas and Zamia with morphol [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Pavel Matušinsky
Oral Presentation
Title : The effect of potassium on the content of soluble sugars in barley
Pavel Matušinsky, Agrotest fyto, Ltd, Czech Republic

The key hypothesis of the study was that the delivery of different doses of potassium may affect the drought resistance of plants. We set up a field and greenhouse experiment and studied the effect of different doses of potassium on the content of soluble sugars in above ground parts of the plant. The test was carried out on several varieties of spring barley, which differed in their resistance to [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Hana Auer Malinska
Oral Presentation
Title : Physiology changes induced by priming in Miscanthus x giganteus
Hana Auer Malinska, Jan Evangelista Purkyne University, Czech Republic

During last couple of years, traditionally mild climate of central Europe displays more and more extremes in temperature and amount of rainfalls. Springs changed to very hot and dry, with severe temperature changes within couple of days. Local plants and crops need to deal with this stressful situation causing yield decrease. Our major aim was to explore simple ways of „hardening“ to h [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Ivana Svacinova
Oral Presentation

The key hypothesis of the study was real-time PCR (qPCR) assessment of plant samples to measure ratio of mutant and wild alleles. The aim of this study was to detect the resistance of chosen fungal isolates collected in the Czech Republic to fungicides by laboratory agar dilution biotest and molecular methods as qPCR. Due to a frequent application of fungicides on the territory of the Czech Republ [....] » Read More

Speaker at Plant Science Conference 2021 - Laura Margarita Lopez Castillo
Oral Presentation
Title : Postharvest insect resistance in maize
Laura Margarita Lopez Castillo, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

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Potential speaker for plant science conferences - Acga Cheng
Oral Presentation
Title : Legume genetics and genomics to shape a sustainable future
Acga Cheng, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Abstract: The last decade has witnessed dramatic changes in global food consumption patterns mainly because of population growth and economic development. To meet erratic consumer demand in a rapidly changing world where resources become increasingly scarce due largely to anthropogenic activity, the need to develop crops that benefit both human health and the environment has become urgent. Legume [....] » Read More

Leading speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2021 - Jeremy Sweet
Keynote Presentation
Title : To be announced...
Jeremy Sweet, J T  Environmental Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom

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Keynote speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2021 - Anabel Rial B
Keynote Presentation
Title : To be announced...
Anabel Rial B, Independent consultant / Member UICN-SSC Freshwater Specialist Group, Venezuela

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Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Hamid Madani
Oral Presentation

To investigate the sowing dates, phosphorus resources and plant density in Black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) during 2015 and 2016 at Qazvin, Iran this experiment was laid out in completely randomized complete block design with split-split arrangement at three replications. Sowing dates were in 28 October, 11 November and 25 November. Phosphorus resource was control, 50% recommended chemical Phosphor [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Ayumi Deguchi
Oral Presentation

Flower colour patterns are attractive traits for floricultural plants. However, the mechanisms of such traits remain mostly unknown and obscure. Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) and its interspecific hybrids have many flower colour patterns, which involve white margins in reddish petals, represented by the cultivar ‘Minerva’. We studied the factors regulating the formation of white [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Abdelilah Chaoui
Poster Presentation

The effectiveness of exogenous signalling molecules such as nitric oxide (NO) or hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to mitigate Cr toxicity was investigated on 9-day-old maize seedlings. Application of 500 µM of sodium nitroprusside (SNP; NO donor) or sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS; H2S donor), suppressed Cr elicited embryonic axis growth inhibition and endogenous NO and H2S overproduction. In untreated plan [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Kelli G. Thorup
Poster Presentation

Climate change enhances the occurrence of extreme weather: wildfires, drought, rising summer temperatures—all of which dramatically decline forest growth and increase tree mortality in the mixed-conifer forests of Sierra Nevada, California. However, microbiota living in mutualistic relations with plant rhizospheres have been found to mitigate the effects of suboptimal environmental condition [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Darya Harshkova
Poster Presentation

The popular nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac (DCF) is one of the most common contaminants of the water environment. Its toxicity to non-target organisms is often reported to be associated with long-term (chronic) exposure. However, our results suggest that DCF can cause harmful effects even during short-term treatment. The objective of the work was therefore to estimate the acute eff [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Aparna B. Gunjal
Oral Presentation
Title : Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in agriculture
Aparna B. Gunjal, Dr. D.Y. Patil Arts Commerce & Science College, India

The use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture for the plant growth is very harmful and causes water and soil pollution. The biological approach is very eco-friendly, easy and economical. The plant growth promoting rhizobacteria are beneficial bacteria that are useful in agriculture. They have plant growth promoting traits viz., production of iron chelating compounds called siderophores; plant hor [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Debolina Sarkar
Oral Presentation

The oomycete Phytophthora can cause serious threats to native flora and agriculture and food biosecurity, causing devastating diseases to plants such as kauri, oak, avocado. In New Zealand, Phytophthora agathidicida is the causative agent in kauri dieback and is receiving much coverage in the mainstream press as it can kill a mature kauri tree within two years. These organisms can infect their hos [....] » Read More

Poster presenter at Plant Science Conferences - Juan Leonardo Rocha Valdez
Poster Presentation
Title : Sorghum as a forage alternative in semi-arid regions of northern Mexico
Juan Leonardo Rocha Valdez, Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Mexico

Arid and semi-arid ecosystems constitute one third of the land area, in Mexico they occupy 6% of the national territory with an average annual rainfall of 250 to 750 mm and are located in the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Durango, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí Jalisco. The production of forage sorghum in Mexico competes for the use of land basically with corn, having as a parameter that in 2 [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Wahbi Djebali
Poster Presentation

Effects of exogenous NO application on chromium (Cr) induced oxido-nitrosative stress were investigated on 9-day-old maize seedlings. Enhancement of SOD and NADPH oxidase activities indicated that Cr (200 µM) induced oxidative stress. In both radicles and epicotyls, NADPH oxidase up-regulation leads to oxidative damage which is attested by application of diphenylene iodonium (DPI; NADPH oxid [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Tse-Min Lee
Oral Presentation

The ascorbate-glutathione cycle (AGC) is essential for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells to cope with high light stress. NADPH oxidase acts as key hub for the regulation of stress tolerance in plants. High intensity illumination (HL, 1,200 mmol m-2 s-1) did not impact Chlamydomonas growth while the application of diphenyleneiodonium (DPI), a NADPH oxidase inhibitor, in the concentration of 5 or 10 m [....] » Read More

Poster presenter at Plant Science conferences 2021: Juan Leonardo Rocha Quinones
Poster Presentation
Title : Six sigma an option in bean production in Northern Mexico
Juan Leonardo Rocha Quinones, Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Mexico

In northern Mexico, the variety of pinto Saltillo beans is one of the preferred because the tolerance to accelerated darkening of the grain provides farmers with a wider margin for the negotiation and sale of the product. The commercial success of the Saltillo pinto and its prolonged shelf life allow farmers to obtain greater economic benefits derived from bean production (Sánchez-Valdez [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Yolander Youngblood
Poster Presentation

In this preliminary study we investigate the responses of Glyphosate-Susceptible and Glyphosate-Resistant Amaranthus palmeri to an organic 10% acetic acid herbicide solution. Traditional herbicides are glyphosate-based. Overuse of these herbicides has led to glyphosate resistance in some plants. Amaranthus palmeri is one of them. We hypothesized that although both forms respond differently to glyp [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Sima Sohrabi
Poster Presentation
Title : The allopathic effect of aqueous extract of tuberous root of (Ranunculus ficaria) on wheat seedlings growth
Sima Sohrabi, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran

Recently, lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria), an invasive weed growing in high density, has decreased wheat yield in some fields of Lorestan province. An experiment was conducted in a completely randomized design with four replications to investigate the allelopathic effect of the aqueous extract of tuberous root of (Ranunculus ficaria) on wheat seedlings growth. The treatments included control [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Shoula Aboud Kharouf
Poster Presentation

The aim of this study is to recognize the resistance level of some faba bean genotypes and cultivars against Uromyces viciae – fabae ( Pers ) Schroet to investigate the existence of different physiological races of fungus . in Syria for the 2018- 2019 season. Eighteen genotypes and cultivars of faba bean ( viciae – fabae L . ) were selected from breeding materials of General Commissi [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Caroline Provost
Poster Presentation

Fruit zone management (FZM) involves leafing around grape clusters and thinning clusters. One of the main objectives of the FZM is to improve the aroma, flavor and pigment profiles of the grape, promote earlier maturity, and reduce disease. Despite the apparent advantages of FZM on grape quality, the precise impact on disease development is not well documented. FZM is expected to limit the develop [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Caroline Provost
Poster Presentation

Grapevine production is relatively recent in Quebec, Canada, and several challenges restrict quality grape production. Quebec’s rigorous climate and short growing season are just a couple of limiting factors in grape production and varietal selection. Rootstocks adapted to growing conditions allow producers to plant varieties that are better adapted and more efficient in specific soil and cl [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Manja Boži?
Poster Presentation

Improving yield potential, crop quality and abiotic stress tolerance have always been some of the most important requirements for successful crop production. Poor environmental conditions arising as repercussions of climate change, like the drastically higher temperatures and drought during the summer, have become a significant cause of productivity and yield loss. Therefore, many strategies are f [....] » Read More

Poster presenter at Plant Science Conferences_Amber Gupta
Poster Presentation

Salt stress mediates a higher concentration of Na+ in plants through root epidermal-cortex that negatively affects plant growth and crop production. Primary transporter; proton pumping ATPase and secondary transporter (antiporter); NHX’s and SOS1 play a crucial role to manage the low concentration of Na+ under high salt concentration. The ion transport activity of secondary antiporter is fac [....] » Read More

Poster Presenter at Plant Science Conferences 2021 - Rafael Avila Cisneros
Poster Presentation
Title : Alfalfa production (Medicago sativa L.) fertilizing the soil with organic sources based on vermicompost
Rafael Avila Cisneros, Antonio Narro Autonomous Agrarian University, Mexico

The research work presented below was carried out in the autumn - winter cycle of 2018 in the experimental field San Antonio de los Bravos of the UAAAN-UL, in Torreón Coahuila Mexico. Under a design of random block method experiments; establishing 6 fertilization treatments with 5 repetitions each. These were as follows: 3 organic sources; vermicomposta, leachate of vermicomposta and hydrop [....] » Read More

Poster presenter at Plant Science Conferences: Rubab Rafique
Poster Presentation

Fungal leaf spots are main reason of rose crop failure throughout the world. Loss of rose crops possibly have not positive effects on environment and economy of any country. There is a need of large scale production of roses without any fungal disease. So, the aim of this study was primarily isolation and identification of fungal pathogen specifically from rose plant by observingphenotypic charact [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Solomon Shibeshi
Poster Presentation

Durum wheat productivity in Ethiopia is hindered by different factors mainly lack of improved adapted varieties for specific locations. This experiment was done to identify the most performing durum wheat varieties in the tested Environment. The average productivity of the tested genotypes were evaluated at two locations (Alicho and Analimo) using randomized complete block design with four replica [....] » Read More

Leading Speaker at Botany Conferences 2021 -  Biljana Nikolic
Keynote Presentation

Three high-mountain tree species from the Pinaceae family were investigated: Serbian spruce, Picea omorika (Pan?.) Pürkyne, Bosnian pine, Pinus heldreichii Christ., and Macedonian pine, Pinus peuce Griseb. Although they belong to different subfamilies (Abietoideae and Pinoideae), genera (Picea and Pinus), subgenera (Pinus and Strobus), and have clear morphological differences, all three speci [....] » Read More

Potential speaker for plant science conferences 2021- Chandrawati Jee
Oral Presentation

As per FAO 2007 definition,“a concept for resource-saving agricultural crop production that strives to achieve acceptable profits together with high and sustained production levels while concurrently conserving the environment” is the need of the hour. Conservation has become critical because the global population has increased over the years and more food, fuel, fibre, medicine etc ne [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Abdeen Omer
Oral Presentation
Title : Cultivation of organics in controlled environment greenhouse
Abdeen Omer, Energy Research Institute (ERI), UK

The move towards a de-carbonised world, driven partly by climate science and partly by the business opportunities it offers, will need the promotion of environmentally friendly alternatives, if an acceptable stabilisation level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is to be achieved. This requires the harnessing and use of natural resources that produce no air pollution or greenhouse gases and provides co [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Zafar Iqbal
Oral Presentation
Title : Detection and management of Citrus decline syndrome
Zafar Iqbal, University of Sargodha, Pakistan

Citrus is attacked by various pathogens viz. Fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and spiroplasma which are responsible for yield reduction in commercial citrus orchards. Citrus decline syndrome is the most severe problem at present due to which orchards are on the verge of extinction. It is not caused by a sole etiological agent rather it is a syndrome manifesting symptomatic expression of various [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Archana Udai Singh
Virtual Presentation
Title : Phytonematodes problem under polyhouse condition and their management
Archana Udai Singh, Division of Nematology ICAR- IARI, India

Protected cultivation of horticultural crops is an emerging technology for raising vegetable & ornamental crops under controlled environmental conditions. This has gained popularity among farmers due to high productivity, better quality of produce and manifold increase in yield per unit area. This is feasible in the tropical and subtropical climatic conditions of India for the cultivation of h [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Lata Israni Shukla
Oral Presentation

The conserved miRNA in plants are unique post transcriptional regulators which play a pivotal role in the growth and development. The generation of calli and its regeneration events are rather difficult to predict in lieu of different responses seen for a given media in different genotype. The justification, however has been probed using different media constituents however, no work has been done [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Najeeb Ahmed Mohosen Sallam
Oral Presentation

The present study aimed to survey  fungi on seeds wheat (  Triticum aestivum) , Barely (Hordeum vulgare L.) , sorghum (Sorghum bicolor ). From 5 four Regions  of makiras /yemen . At least eight fungal genera were recovered from Seeds of wheat : Aspergillus ? Alternaria ? Fusarium ? Helmenthosporium ? Chaetomium ? Curvularia ? Rizopus ? Pencillium  . The most frequently isolated [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Annet Namayanja
Oral Presentation

Fungal diseases including Pythium root rot and anthracnose are some of the most devastating diseases for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) production. Genetic resistance is considered as the most effective control strategy against the diseases. The backcross breeding method has been largely used to transfer Pythium root rot and anthracnose resistance from various resistance sources to elite genotyp [....] » Read More

Speaker for Plant Science Conference 2021 - Niranjana Murukan
Oral Presentation

Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is one of the three major cereal crops covering an area of 218 million hectares (mha) area globally producing a total of 771million tonnes (mt) of grains. Biotic stresses are major limiting factors affecting wheat crop from realizing its yield potential. One of the major biotic stresses affecting wheat cultivation globally is brown/leaf rust caused by Puccinia triticin [....] » Read More

Potential speaker for plant science conferences 2021 - Jadhav Karan Raju
Oral Presentation

The purpose of the present research were to study the population dynamics of Azotobacter vinelandii  at periodic interval and its effect on growth indices and nitrogen intake by Vigna radiate (Mung Beans) crop. In all there were three treatments including seed treatment with liquid A.vinelandii 1,  A.vinelandii 2, A.vinelandii 3 @ 50 ml/kg of each.  Result revealed that the applicat [....] » Read More

Speaker for Plant Plant Science Conferences 2021_Amor Mtimet
Oral Presentation
Amor Mtimet, Tunisian soil science society, Tunisia

In this publication, we want to present some data and reflections on the olive tree and the measures to adopt to integrate it into sustainable rural development. Indeed, one of the main consequences of ancient deforestation in semi-arid regions is the degradation of soil erosion. Deprived of their plant cover, exposed to torrential rain…. and in the wind, fertile arable land regresses over [....] » Read More

Potential speaker for plant science conferences 2021 - Suhas J. Vyas
Oral Presentation

Salinity affects approximately 7% of the world’s land area, which is increasing deliberately throughout the globe. The constraints are more acute in the areas of the world where food distribution is problematic because of insufficient infrastructure or political instability. As salinity stress is a continuing and increasingly deleterious obstacle to the growth and yield of crop plants, the e [....] » Read More

Potential Speaker for Plant Science Conferences 2021_Itji Diana Daud
Oral Presentation

Tribolium castaneum Herbst (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) or red flour beetle is the main pest of wheat flour but can attack other processed food as well. One of the biological control that can be used is the use of entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin. The purpose of this study was to determine the virulence level of entomopathogenic B. bassiana to control T. castaneum pests [....] » Read More

Speaker for Plant Science Conferences 2021_Muhammad Binyamin Khan
Oral Presentation
Title : Inocybe battagramensis sp. nov. (Agaricales, Inocybaceae)
Muhammad Binyamin Khan, Hazara University, Pakistan

Inocybe battagramensis sp. nov. is characterised by light to dark brown  campanulate pileus, radially fibrillose with small squamules, Lamellae light brown, nodulose with 4–7 nodules, elongated basidiospore, clavate thin walled 4-basidia, utriform to broadly utriform,ventricose-fusoid, metuloids, thick walled cystidia with crystalliferous apices and clavate scarce caulocystidia. Based o [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Garba Ado
Oral Presentation

The research was conducted to monitor the performance of some endogenous species of algae for adsorption of Manganese (Mn), Cobalt (Co) and Nickel (Ni) from untreated effluents of Fata Tanning Limited (FTL) in Kano between July 2014-June, 2015. Primary field investigation and laboratory analysis were the main sources of data in the study. The study areas were divided into three strata within which [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Mohamed, F. Abdel Aziz
Oral Presentation

This study was evaluated the toxicity of three insecticides contains two effective substances, chlorpyrifos & lufenuron (Tempo XL), lufenuron & emamectin benzoate (Heater) and thiamethoxam & chlorantraniliprole (Folliam Felixi) against the 2nd and 4th larval instars of S. littoralis under semi-field condition in tomato field Ismailia Governorate during 2018 & 2019 seasons and asses [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Michael Adedotun Oke
Oral Presentation
Title : The impact of the outbreak of tomatoes disease Tuta absoluta in Nigeria
Michael Adedotun Oke, Michael Adedotun Oke Foundation, Nigeria

The outbreak of tomatoes disease called Tuta absoluta, locally called 'tomato ebola' in Nigeria. And this resulted to adverse scarcity of  tomatoes supply in the various markets of the affected states in the year 2016. The pest is known all over the world, as it originated from South America far back 1912 and having ravaged tomato farms in so many countries of the world till date incl [....] » Read More

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Hagai Cohen
Oral Presentation

The skin of fleshy fruit is typically covered by a thick cuticle. Some fruit species develop different forms of layers directly above their skin. Reticulation, for example, is a specialized suberin-based coating that ornaments some commercially important melon (Cucumis melo) fruit and is an important quality trait. Despite its importance, the structural, molecular, and biochemical features associa [....] » Read More