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Hit Kishore Goswami

Hit Kishore Goswami, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Hit Kishore Goswami
Barkatullah University, India


Hit Kishore Goswami (born, 1942; M.Sc. in Botany; Ph.D.1970) has served as a teacher in schools colleges and later joined University of Bhopal, founded the Department of Genetics and finally retired as Professor of Genetics from Barkatullah University, Bhopal in 2004. Having versatile teaching and research experiences he has published around 250 research papers, has lectured in more than 120 institutes and Universities in 18 countries. He has discovered twelve new plant species (five Isoetes and five Ophioglossum  taxa; fossil gymnosperm genus,one cyanophyte). His publications on plants and Human cytogentics are cited world over in relevant journals and books.