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Bahareh Sadat Haddadi

Bahareh Sadat Haddadi, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Bahareh Sadat Haddadi
Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom


Bahareh Sadat Haddadi is a PhD student at Aberystwyth University. She is focused on enhancing comprehension of tef, a gluten-free cereal, particularly in the face of environmental challenges like drought. Ms. Haddadi previously obtained a master’s degree from the University of Tehran in 2015 where she worked on the physiological and biochemical responses of Mentha aquatica to drought stress. Bahareh's research journey has been shaped by a passion for plant science and plant stress biology. Guided by Prof. Luis Mur, she is exploiting metabolomic and transcriptomic profiling of tef's responses to understand the responses of tef and other cereals to environmental stress.