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Plant Diseases

Plant Diseases
  • Plant Pathology
  • Pathogenesis
  • Saprogenesis
  • Epiphytotics
  • Regulation of the Environment

Plant Diseases are mainly caused by pathogenic microbes like fungus, bacteria and virus. Some plant diseases are classified as abiotic or non-infectious diseases which include damage from air pollution, toxicities or nutritional deficiencies, and grow under less than optimal conditions.

Plant disease can be identified by a physical evidence, for example fungal fruiting bodies, powdery mildew on a lilac leaf which shows  the parasitic fungal disease  organism i.e. Microsphaera alni.

A few symptoms of plant diseases are leaf rust, stem rust, sclerotinia, Bird eye spot, damping off of seedlings, leaf spot, cholrosis, fruit spot, canker, crown gall, sheperd’s crock stem, mosaic leaf pattern, crinkled leaves, plant stunting etc.

Plant disease will develop through few environmental factors like temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture, soil PH, soil type and soil fertility. Plant disease will transfer to the other parts of the plant and also to the surrounding plants.

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