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Plant Metabolic Engineering

Plant Metabolic Engineering
  • RNA interference
  • Mobile genetic element
  • Secondary metabolites
  • Biosynthetic Genes
  • Transcription Factors

The redirection of one or more enzymatic reactions in an organism to produce new compounds and to improve the existing compounds production, or mediating the compound degradation is known as Metabolic Engineering.

Plant Metabolic Engineering process helps to isolate around 40,000 different types of terpinoids from the medicinal plants, which are used to cure many diseases. Few examples of terpinoids are ginkgolides, taxol and artemisinin.

Plant Metabolic engineering process alters the metabolomics of any organism by regulating biosynthetic mechanism through changes at genetic level. Through which a desired product can be produced.

Plant metabolic engineering requires knowledge on molecular biological techniques like isolation of genes and cloning of genes and transformation in to other suitable systems. By using this technique a tremendous changes can find at metabolic level in plants.

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