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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy

Forest Science and Silviculture

Forest Science and Silviculture
  • Natural Regeneration
  • Forest Road Segments
  • Soil Loss
  • Artificial Regeneration
  • Enrichment Planting

Forestry is the science involves planting, managing, maintaining, conserving forests and its related resources. Scientist or Forester develops forest management plans and selects sites to grow new plants and plans for forestry and supervises forestry projects. Forests are the most important component of the biosphere and it has emerged in as a vital field of science and technology.

Forests are the complex ecosystem with thousands of organisms like plants, animals, insects, algae, fungi and bacteria. It is very important to understanding on how these organisms live and interact with each other and with the non-living elements of the forest environment, such as geology, soil, water, fire, and climatology.

Silviculture is the art and science which controls the establishment, growth, health, composition and quality of forests and  woodlands to meet the diverse needs and values of landowners and society such as wildlife habitat, water resources, timber, recreation and restoration on a sustainable basis.

Silviculture accomplished by applying different types of treatments such as harvesting, thinning, planting, pruning, site preparation and prescribed burning. Intermediate treatments like thinning are designed to enhance the quality, growth, vigor and the composition of the stand after establishment or regeneration and prior to final harvest.

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