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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain

Plant Molecular Biology

Plant Molecular Biology
  • Intercelluar infection
  • Legume genetics and genomics
  • Microbiome and bacterial genetics
  • Nodule organogenesis
  • Plant-microbe interactions

Plant Molecular Biology is the study of molecular basis of plant life, particularly concerned with the processes by which the information encoded in the genome is manifested as structures, processes and behaviours.

Plant Molecular Biology explores certain cells role and their function in plant life and it is useful to find out methods to alter cells for great effect like reaction to various stresses, resistance to common diseases and to maintain mineral levels in a plant.

Plant Microbiology elucidates and understands the mechanisms like genetic signal transduction, cell differentiation, plant microbe interactions, local adaptation and developmental process. Areas of research include nitrogen fixation, plant perception of microbial signalling molecules, pathogen susceptibility, colonisation and endophytic bacteria/fungi. 

Plant Microbiology Biology also includes plant nucleic acid purification, gene expression analysis, genome mapping and genotyping, nucleic acid amplification and cloning. All Plant Molecular Biology products are tested and supported by the leading supplier of Plant Molecular Biology research.

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