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Plant Biochemistry and Biosystems

Plant Biochemistry and Biosystems
  • Biochemistry and Biomolecules
  • Techniques in Biochemistry
  • Enzymes, Vitamins and Hormones
  • Intermediary Metabolism
  • Seed Germination

Plant Biochemistry is the study of biochemistry in autotrophic organisms which undergone through photosynthesis process and plant biochemistry deals with biochemical process of plant metabolism. Plants produce variety of chemical substances through their metabolism process.

Plant biochemistry is to understand how biological molecules involve in the processes that occur with in the living cells and in return it helps to study and understand the whole organism. Plant biochemistry determine the photosynthetic rate, estimate the chlorophyll, determine the plant storage and structural saccharides, plant lipids, determine the proteins and nucleic acids during seed germination.

Plant Biosystems cover all the aspects in plant science, which includes plant biotechnology, plant biology, plant pathology, plant tissue culture.

Plant Biosystems shows the biochemical basis of abiotic stresses namely osmotic (drought, salinity), temperature, heavy metals, air and water pollutants, synthesis and functions of proline and glycine betaine in stress tolerance interaction between biotic and abiotic stresses and stress adaptation.

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