University of Bern



Prof. Emeritus Bern University Switzerland, thesis: vegetation and glacier history, summa cum laude in 1972, lecturing in Biodiversity, Vegetation Ecology, Lichens and Mosses, Biomonitoring of Air Pollution, Plant Biotechnology: Biosafety, Gene Flow and Ecology of Transgenic Crops. Guest Prof. in Delft, Netherlands, Istanbul, Turkey, research in Jamaica, USA: Duke University and Missouri Botanical Garden. Steering committee of Scientific activities based on 650 endnote reference bibliographies on plant biotechnology and biodiversity, 360 publications in journals, blogs, newspapers, books, 200 slide presentations with literature references. Editor, Co-Editor in journals from Elsevier, Springer and Taylor&Francis. Scientific committees in Switzerland and Europe on biodiversity and biosafety. Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, external member of the European Academy. Details in