Laigeng Li

Potential Speaker for plant biology conference 2017-Laigeng Li

Title: Dissection of the remorin gene function in rice.

Laigeng Li

Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, China


Laigeng Li, is a Professor at Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, China


Remorins are plant-specific proteins that display a variety of function in plant development and defense. The presentation will discuss the remorin gene function in rice. That includes 1) we identified a rice T-DNA insertion mutant (grain setting defect 1-Dominant, gsd1-D), with a grain setting deficient phenotype caused by over-expression of GSD1, a remorin gene with unknown function. GSD1 is expressed specifically in phloem companion cells and is localized in the PD and plasma membrane. The study demonstrates that  GSD1 plays a role in role in regulating photoassimilate translocation through the symplastic pathway to impact grain setting in rice; 2) we found that another remorin OsREM4.1 is transcriptionally regulated by ABA and functions as an OsBRI1 substrate and OsSERK1-interacting protein to regulate the formation and subsequent activation of the OsBRI1-OsSERK1 receptor in coordinating the ABA and BR signaling in rice. The results reveals that REM4.1 functions as coordinator for balancing plant growth and its adjustment to stress environments in rice. These finding illustrates new  mechanisms in understanding of the remorin functions as well as provides innovative strategies to improve crops.