Vladimir Mukhomorov

Potential Speaker for plant science 2017-Vladimir Mukhomorov

Title: Title: Evolutionary Dynamics of Mineral Substrate and Chemical Composition of Tissues Plants under Conditions of Primary Pedogenesis

Vladimir Mukhomorov

Agrophysical Institution, Russia


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We present the result of a comprehensive study of soil-forming processes under conditions of a long-term and continuous (7.5 years; twenty three vegetations) growing the plants on initially abiogenous mineral substrates (crushed granite, zeolite). The implementation of the experiment had been carried-out under regulated conditions.  It was shown that the higher plants (spring wheat, tomato plants) to become actively involved in the soil formation processes. We analyzed the evolutionary dynamics of the accumulation in mineral substrates of organic matter and biotic community Mineralogical studies of mineral substrates transformation were performed. We give consideration of the evolutionary dynamics of the chemical composition of plant tissues (roots, stems, leaves and reproductive organs). It analyses the development of the percentage of chemical elements (P, S, Cl, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Fe, Si, Al, Mn, Zn) in different plant tissues. We found out the intensity and nature of the impact of living substance and the products of its vital activity on mineral composition of substrate. It was used the information approach for a quantitative analysis of changes in the chemical composition of mineral substrates and plant tissues. We found that under the long-term exploitation of substrate the chemical composition of mineral substrates is essentially changed in the area close to the roots. In which connection the values of information function come together for multi components composition of the substrate and the plant roots. In addition we demonstrated the interrelation of the chemical composition degradation of mineral substrate with dynamics of change in the content of chemical elements in plant tissues (roots, leaves, stems, fruits, wheat grain).

Keywords: Mineral Substrate, Organic Matter, Biotic Community, Soil Formation, Soil-like Body, Chemical Elements, Weathering, Crushed Granite, Zeolite, Fine Earth, Controlled  System, Vegetation, Information Function.