Wisniewska Halina

Leading Speaker for plant biology conference-Wisniewska Halina

Title: Reaction of winter triticale breeding lines to Fusarium head blight and accumulation of Fusarium metabolites in grain in two environments

Wisniewska Halina

Institute of Plant Genetics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland


Prof. Halina Wiśniewska received her Master of Sciences degree in the field of Botany, at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan and Doctor of Philosophy degree in the field of Agricultural Sciences, at the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan. At present she is working as The lider of Cereal Genomics Team at the Institute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan.


Fusarium head blight is a disease of cereals caused by fungi of the Fusarium genus. These fungi produce toxic metabolites - mycotoxins. Head infection by Fusarium leads to kernel infection and accumulation of mycotoxins in grain.

Resistance to Fusarium head blight of 106 Polish winter triticale lines and three cultivars (Trefl, Meloman, Fredro) was tested. The genotypes of triticale were analyzed in terms of the resistance types: resistance to infection (Type I), resistance to disease spread (Type II), kernel damage resistance (Type III) and resistance to accumulation of toxins in grain (Type V).

Triticale was sown in field experiments in two locations in Poland: Poznań–Cerekwica and Radzików. At flowering, triticale heads were inoculated by spraying with three Fusarium culmorum isolates. FHB index was scored and after the harvest percentage of Fusarium damaged kernels (%FDK) was assessed. Grain was analyzed for a content of trichothecenes B (deoxynivalenol and derivatives, nivalenol) and zearalenone using gas chromatography technique (trichothecenes) and AgraQuant® ZON test kit (zearalenone) and ergosterol (ERG) using HPLC technique.

Principle Component Analysis (PCA), revealed genotypes with combination of all types of FHB resistance : BOHD 1025-2, BOH 537-2, DS. 9, DANKO 14/15, MAH 33544-4, MAH 33881-1/3, DANKO 19/15 and BOH 534-4.