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GPMB 2023

Pratima Greedharry

Pratima Greedharry, Speaker at Botany Conference
Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute, Mauritius
Title : In vitro propagation of garlic (Allium sativum L) from meristem culture


The present study investigates in vitro multiplication and bulbification of one imported garlic accession namely VFG158 and eleven local garlic accessions as listed: Beeharry, Boodnah, Bondah, Gooniah, Haulkhory, Ramdhuny, Ramjee, Rampall, Sujeebun, Sujeebun2 and Unuth through meristem culture. The explants were subjected to fourteen shoot multiplication and three bulbification treatments. Positive results for shoot proliferation and suppression of hyperhydricity were noted on six shoot multiplication media: MS basal media with various growth regulators {G (0.25mg/L NAA+0.5mg/L 2iP), G1 (1.5mg/L BAP+0.5mg/L NAA), G2 (0.3mg/L NAA+3mg/L 2iP), G6 (0.5mg/L NAA+2mg/L 2iP), G14(2mg/L BAP+2mg/L NAA) and G15(1mg/L BAP+0.5mg/L NAA)}. The highest number of shoot formation was observed in G2 (0.3mg/L NAA+3mg/L 2iP) and the lowest number of shoot formation was observed in G14 (2mg/L BAP+2mg/L NAA). Genotypic difference in shoot multiplication and hyperhydricity on different media formulation was observed. The highest shoot proliferation was observed in the garlic accession Ramdhuny while lowest shoot proliferation was recorded in groups of similar accessions namely, Ramjee, Sujeebun and VFG 158. Bulblet formation was earlier on bulbification medium B2 (MS enriched with 12% sucrose). Largest and heavier bulblets were obtained on medium B5 (MS supplemented with 2mg/LBAP+1mg/L GA3 and enriched with 90% sucrose). A reliable protocol for rapid shoot regeneration and multiplication from meristem-tip culture and bulblet formation from multiple shoots clumps was optimised.

Keywords: Bulblet formation, Garlic, Growth hormones, Hyperhydricity, Tissue culture

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • Overview on in vitro propagation of garlic
  • Provide virus-free and quality seed to the farmer’s community
  • Increase the standard of living of farmers with increase in productivity and quality of garlic by using clean planting material


Pratima Greedharry studied Horticulture with Business Management at University of Mauritius, Mauritius and graduated in 2003. She then joined the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (previously known as Food and Agricultural Research Council) as Assistant Research Scientist in 2006. She is an Australian Award scholar and graduated as Master of Biotechnology in 2020 from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia. She is presently a Research Scientist and working at the Tissue Culture laboratory.