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September 01-03, 2022 | Paris, France

Jadhav Karan R

Potential speaker for plant science conferences 2021 - Jadhav Karan Raju
Jadhav Karan R
Title : Effect of Liquid Formulation of Azotobacter vinelandii On germination of Vigna radiate


The purpose of the present research were to study the population dynamics of Azotobacter vinelandii  at periodic interval and its effect on growth indices and nitrogen intake by Vigna radiate (Mung Beans) crop. In all there were three treatments including seed treatment with liquid A.vinelandii 1A.vinelandii 2, A.vinelandii 3 @ 50 ml/kg of each.  Result revealed that the application of liquid formulation of Azotobacter vinelandii shown significantly increased crop growth and improved soil biochemical properties over control. The higher seed germination per cent (87.26) recorded in seed treated with liquid A.vinelandii 3 while the lower seed germination per cent (83.97) was recorded in seed treated with liquid A.vinelandii 1. The seed treated with liquid Azotobacter vinelandii recorded significant increase in respect of Length of Leaves,  Speed of Emergence (SE) and seedling vigor Index (SVI) . More SE and SVI was observed by A.vinelandii 3 (SE= 86.79% and SVI= 83.53) while lowest SE and SVI was recorded by A.vinelandii 1 (SE= 81.43% and SVI= 80.82). Considering all these parameters, it could be concluded that Azotobacter vinelandii have improved soil biochemical properties which may ultimately influence the growth of Vigna radiate (Mung Beans) crop.


Dr.Karan Raju Jadhav is MDS (ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY). He has Completed his Graduation from  Saraswati Dhanwantari Dental college, Parbhani under Maharashtra university of health and science Nashik during year 2009- 2015. He has completed his post graduation from CSMSS Dental college Aurangabad under Maharashtra university of health and science Nashik during year 2016-2019. He is Ex-observer at Tata memorial (Cancer) Hospital, Mumbai, India. He has attended and presented his works in more than ten National conferences. He has presented paper and posters in state level and national conferences held around the India. His Areas of interest are oncology, facial aesthetics and Facial Trauma.