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Sunita Kushwah

Sunita Kushwah, Speaker at Botany Conference
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, India
Title : Climate resilient agriculture (CRA) techniques for climate change adaptation


Climate change is considered as one of the major environmental problems of present century which includes change in average weather conditions and occurrence of extreme weather events as well. This may be due to natural internal processes or persistent anthropogenic activities viz. increased industrial emissions, fossil fuel combustion, deforestation, biomass burning, change in land use and land management practices etc. which have resulted in an increased emission of harmful green houses gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) into the atmosphere. Thus, it is high time to move to alternate Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) practices to cope up with the continuing and upcoming negative effects of climate change.  Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Vaishali along with the technical support of BorlougInstitute of South Asia (BISA) is running Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) Programme since Rabi 2022-21 in which five villages of the Patepur block of Vaishali district of Bihar State namely, Neerpur, Bajitpur, Bardiha, Rasalpur and Repura, have been adopted. In these village CRA techniques such aslaser land levelling, direct sowing of crops using zero tillage machine and bed planters, intercropping, rain water harvesting, adoption of early maturing and drought tolerant varieties of certain crops, inclusion of nutri-cereals such as pearl millet, finger millet, foxtail millet etc in cropping system, cultivation of green manuring crops such as dhaincha, cowpea, green gram etc, are practiced in farmers field in an area of 595 acres in kharif season, 623 acres in rabi season and 350 acres in summer season. After about 2 years of intervention of this program, the results of different crops in Rabi 2021-22 and Kharif 2022-23 has sown increase in yield and B:C ratio as compared to conventional cultivational practices and local varieties indicating that adoption of such techniques can help the farming community to adapt with the effects of changing climatic conditions maintaining sustainability in production as well as profitability levels.Climate Resilient agriculture practices including improved access and utilisation of technology and mechanisation, increased use of resource conservation technologies, adoption of climate resilient crops and varieties, tend to reduce hunger and poverty in the face of climate change for forthcoming generations.



Sunita Kushwah completed graduation and post graduation from G.B.P.U.A.T., Pantnagar in Agriculture and Vegetable science in the year 1999 & 2001. I have completed my doctorate from R.A.U., Pusa Samastipur in Horticulture (Olericulture) in the year 2005. I also completed PGDAEM from MANAGE, Hyderabad in the year 2011. I fourteen years experience in the field of extension, research and teaching. I discharged my duties in the capacity of scientist and Head of KVK.  I had 30 research papers and 4 proceeding papers in reputed national and international peer reviewed and NAAS rated journals. I have published 23 technical bulletins, 29 popular articles, 7 news bulletins, 20 book chapters, 5 pamphlets and 15 technologies in different books and magazines. I have edited and written 4 books. I am life member of 10 reputed organizations, societies and working as a Reviewer, Associate Editor and Member of editorial board of NAAS rated peer reviewed National and International Journals and being a part of different committees during conferences & seminars events. I received 22 awards from different national and international organizations for my work. I received 5 best oral & poster paper presentation awards. I received appreciation letter from Ministry of Agriculture. Govt. of India. I implemented and monitored 22 projects funded by State, University and Govt. of India. I delivered 43 lectures as a resource person at different places. I have conducted 2303 programmes of different activities among the farmers and total beneficiaries approximate 143100. I have delivered 40 Radio and TV talks.