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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy
GPMB 2019

Anabel Rial B

Anabel Rial B, Speaker at Botany Conference
Member IUCN SSC Freshwater Plant Specialist Group, Independent Consultant, Colombia
Title : Aquatic plant useful concepts to delimit tropical wetlands (Orinoco Basin case)


Aquatic plants are key organisms, useful to delimit and typify wetlands.

In tropical floodplains, macrophytes are subject to flood pulse constantly, this driving force determin the expression of these organisms. After many years of observations, we have updated and introduced some useful concepts in order to better understand and preserve the aquatic ecosystems and their floras.


Anabel RIAL B. Caracas 1965. PhD. Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use; strategy design/key conservation areas, RAP Program. Tropical forest, wetlands, aquatic plants taxonomy and ecology. More than 100 projects in South America & Africa (EU, GEF, UNDP, CAF, CI, TNC, WWF, ECOFAC). Multidisciplinar/multicultural/interinstitutional teams. Former Scientific Director Conservation International Venezuela; Professor Masters on biodiversity (UNESCO MaB, Universities Spain, Colombia & Venezuela). Researcher La Salle Natural History Museum, Member Latin American Network Wetlands and Climate Change Impacts (CYTED). In Colombia since 2010 linked to Universities, NGO's, private and public sector. UNDP biodiversity consultant principal researcher Regional Strategy Equitable Management and Sustainable of the Hydrocarbons Sector. Oil Produced Water Reuse & Water Asset Management, Large land area master development. Currently independent consultant. Member UICN-SSC Freshwater Specialist Group. Guest lecturer at 40 international events. Author/editor of eigth books, over 50 scientific articles. Author of the two aquatic plants books of the Orinoco Basin (Venezuela and Colombia). Video-documentary Producer & scientific advisor.