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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy
GPMB 2018

Xiaoyu Li

Xiaoyu Li, Speaker at Botany Conference
Xiaoyu Li
Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Xiaoyu Li, Ph.D, an associate researcher in Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS. She graduated from Northeast Normal University and gained doctor degree of Ecology in 2010. The main field direction is plant eco-physiology, and research vegetation restoration in wetland after graduation of doctor. She was in charge of threeNational Natural Science Foundation of China, and one provincial scientific research projects.She visited USA Everglade Wetland Research Park between 2013 and 2015. There are more than 50 paper publication since 2010. She is also the reviewers of many national publications, such as Ecological Engineering, Crop and Pasture Science, Wetlands, Photosynthetica, etc