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GPMB 2018

Montacie Charlotte

Montacie Charlotte, Speaker at Plant Events
Montacie Charlotte
UMR 5096 - CNRS/UPVD, France


Charlotte Montacié is a Ph.Dsudent in third year of thesis under the direction of J. Sáez-Vásquez, at the “LaboratoireGénome et Développement des Plantes” Perpignan, France (http://lgdp.univ-perp.fr/index.php?page=equipe-4). She published an article demonstrating a link between proteasome and nucleolus functional structure (Montacié et al., 2017, Frontiers in Plant Science). Before doing her thesis, she did training courses in applied biology:

• Bachelor degree (6 months): Detection of Citrus roots stock diplo / tetra – ploidy by phenotyping analysis, an helpful tool for citrus breeders and producers.

• Master degree (4 months): Mangiferin quantification, using HPLC method, in leaves of Coffea species.