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GPMB 2018

Jaime Ruiz Vega

Jaime Ruiz Vega, Speaker at Botany Conference
Jaime Ruiz Vega
Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico


Jaime Ruiz-Vega is an agronomist with specialization in soil management with a PhD degree from Iowa State University in Agricultural Climatology and Crop Production. The following courses have been taught; from 1989 to 1991: Agroclimatologia, Programa de Maestría, ITAO No. 23, From 1991- 2007 Fisiotécnia Vegetal, Programa de Maestría, ITAO No. 23, and from 2003 to date Agroecología. Programa de Maestría, CIIDIR OAXACA. He has been an agricultural researcher from 1976 to 1993 at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agricolas and a Profesor-Investigador at Instituto Politécnico Nacional (CIIDIR, U. Oaxaca) from 1993 to date. He has produced 54 refereed papers and 7 book chapters, four doctorate and 34 MSci thesis, and has attended 73 international meetings.