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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2022

Lucian Copolovici

Lucian Copolovici, Speaker at Plant Events
Aurel Vlaicu University, Arad, Romania
Title : The effect of high carbon dioxide on plants drought tolerance


43.1 billion tons of CO2 were released into the atmosphere by human activities in 2019. Thus, in April 2022, the global CO2 concentration was 421 ppm. Increasing the rate of photosynthetic carbon fixation, which leads to increased biomass production, is beneficial for plants because of the high CO2 concentrations. At the same time, rising temperatures and periods of drought cause plant stress, and the rise in carbon dioxide concentration is also linked to this. Plant species from the Brassicaceae family (such as Brassica oleracea variety gongylodes, Brassica oleracea variety capitate, and Raphanus sativa) grown in high carbon dioxide environments were used to test the drought resistance. Short periods of drought have influenced the leaf's photosynthetic parameters, volatile organic compound emission, chlorophyll content, and flavonoid content. We have demonstrated that plants grown at more than 800 ppm carbon dioxide concentrations are more vulnerable to drought stress than plants grown at 400 ppm CO2.



Prof. Lucian Copolovici Ph.D. Habil is Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection “Aurel Vlaicu” University from Arad. Ph.D. in Chemistry since 2004; Postdoctoral stages at Tartu University (Estonia), Gent University (Belgium), and Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia), Ph.D. coordinator in Environmental Sciences (since 2014) and Environmental Engineering (since 2018). Author and co-author for more than 90 Web of Science Papers, seven books and book chapters, and 200 presentations at national and international conferences in the field of environmental protection and plant eco-physiology.