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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy
GPMB 2022

Ping Lim

Ping Lim, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Altman Specialty Plants, United States
Title : In search for Ecofriendly roses


With increasing concerns over global climate change and the impact of synthetic chemicals in our environment, natural beauties on this planet may seem like a fading dream. But modern rose breeders are making strong progress in developing roses that can withstand these stresses and beautify the planet without harm. In this 20-minute presentation, Ping Lim will be exploring the challenges of his ecofriendly rose breeding program from the past 2 decades. He will discuss how these creations can thrive and perform beautifully under unfavorable conditions to withstand environmental stresses such as  diseases without pesticide application and extreme cold or heat. Through this expedition, , many of his roses have been awarded  numerous prestigious international honors, including by AARS, ARTS, AGRS, ARC, Rose Hill, Portland Best Roses, Biltmore International trials, Ireland International and Japan Best. Easy Elegance Roses and True Bloom Roses are both brand names created and commercially available throughout USA, Asia and Europe including Russia and Arctic circle nations.



Ping Lim graduated from the Horticulture Department at National Taiwan University. So far he has been granted a total of 48 US plant patents related to roses, hibiscus and agapanthus for Bailey Nurseries Inc. and Altman Specialty Plants. In 2022, he was honored to be inducted into the “21st Century Hall of Fame” by the American Rose Society.