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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2022

Chang Min Lee

Chang Min Lee, Speaker at Plant Events
NICS, RDA, Korea, Republic of
Title : Identification of genetic model related to spikelet sterility using QTLs combination


Interspecific crosses are steadily used in breeding projects because it can improve the genetic diversity of rice and develop a new variety with useful genes. However, it is difficult to develop varieties due to the linkage drag such as spikelet sterility during interspecific crosses. This study conducted to confirm the spikelet sterility of rice generated when the resistance genes was introduced. QTL analysis to search for spikelet sterility revealed that five loci (qSS8, qSS11, qSS12, ePS6-1, and ePS6-2) were searched, and that of these, QTL qSS8 and qSS12 had a significant effect on sterility. The lines with allele type of qSS12_Jinbu derived from Jinbubyeo exhibited high spikelet fertility, regardless of the presence of the other QTL allele type. But other lines with the allele type of qSS12_GPL+qSS8_Jinbu showed severe spikelet sterility. The major QTLs, qSS8 and qSS12 were narrow down to 200? and 82?kb regions on chromosomes 8 and 12, respectively. Of the 7 and 6 ORFs present in the target region of qSS8 and qSS12, respectively, OS8g0298700 of qSS8 and Os12g0589400 and Os12g0589898 of qSS12 induced significantly different expression levels of the candidate genes in rice at the young panicle stages. The research was funded by the Rural Development Administration(RDA) of South Korea, grant number PJ01480402.


Mr. Lee studied agronomy at the Jeonbuk national university, Republic of Korea and graduated as MS in 2017. He then entered the Ph.D. course at the same department in 2018. He has been working on crop breeding division of the RDA in Korea since 2017