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GPMB 2021

Gabriel Roveda Hoyos

Gabriel Roveda Hoyos, Speaker at plant science conference
Ecodanimar SAS, Colombia
Title : Effect of inoculation with Acaulospora and Glomus on growth and nutrition of Blueberry plants (Vaccinium corymbosum) with different fertilization levels


In recent years the demand for blueberries worldwide has been growing, due to the nutraceutical properties of the fruit that generate important benefits for human health. Colombia, due to its diversity, has a great opportunity to meet the demands of the world market. In the present study, the effect of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (HFMA), of the genera Glomus (Glo) and Acaulospora (Aca) associated with blueberry plants var. Biloxi when growing on three levels of fertilization (100, 50 and 0%). The results indicate that blueberry plants inoculated with HFMA (Glo) under conditions of nutritional stress (50HFM1 +) presented an increase in dry mass (DM), plant height (AP), basal branches (RB), leaf area (AF) and root / part area ratio (R / PA), with increases in chlorophyll concentration, with statistically significant higher values with respect to treatments without inoculation with nutritional stress (0HFM- and 50HFM-). The plants inoculated with (Glo) achieved an increase in AP, while those inoculated (Aca) increased in RB, when they grew under nutritional stress in relation to the control without inoculation. The results suggest that the best association of blueberry occurs with Glomus with increased growth and nutrition (N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S).


Dr. Gabriel Roveda Hoyos from the National University of Colombia, with a master's degree from the University of Wales, United Kingdom and a specialist in remote sensing applied to natural resources. Researcher and professor with 30 years of experience (CORPOICA) in the areas of agriculture, ecophysiology and microbiology and soils, with an emphasis on aspects of natural resource conservation, sustainable production and food security. I participated in the design of research, development and technological innovation proposals for Latin America, in research groups of entities such as: CORPOICA, FEDESARROLLO, public and private universities, in the integration of innovation processes with government agencies and production companies. I have worked in networks, institutional nationally and internationally with agencies such as MinColciencias, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, World Bank, European Union (INCO I and II program), Procitrópicos and design of collaborative projects between countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Guyana and Colombia. He has been a member of the International Commission on Science and Technology for Integrated Land Management, UN, Geneva and Montreux, Switzerland. I participated in forums, workshops, general policy debates and joint actions for sustainability strategies in Latin America. Co-author of publication in books / reports with around 70 scientific publications.