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Rafael Avila Cisneros

Rafael Avila Cisneros, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Antonio Narro Autonomous Agrarian University, Mexico
Title : Alfalfa production Medicago sativa L. fertilizing the soil with organic sources based on vermicompost


The research work presented below was carried out in the autumn - winter cycle of 2018 in the experimental field San Antonio de los Bravos of the UAAAN-UL, in Torreón Coahuila Mexico. Under a design of random block method experiments; establishing 6 fertilization treatments with 5 repetitions each. These were as follows: 3 organic sources; vermicomposta, leachate of vermicomposta and hydroponic nutrient solution, 2 inorganic sources; MAP (phosphorus) and Magnesium Sulfate; and finally a control block in which no fertilizer was applied. The research was formed with 6 treatments (A, B, C, D, E, F) and 5 blocks for each of them; The definition of them and their doses are presented below. The sowing date was in the 4th week of October 2018 and the sowing density was 40 Kg / ha. The size of the randomized blocks was 7.5 m2. For the statistical analysis of the ANOVA, the FAUANL Olivares software v. 2012 was used for an α of 5%, in addition, the analysis of the marginal utility was performed by the Palencia method (2012). With the variable green forage weight per m2 for the treatments, they generated values that indicate that there is no statistical difference between them; that is p> 0.05, in the block location it was where a significant statistical difference was obtained between the five blocks compared; that is p <0.001. Therefore within the defined blocks; It was number V that presented the highest average production. When comparing marginal utility; it was the green forage production of the control (F) that generated the greatest profit with $ 35,375 pesos / ha, followed by the inorganic source MAP (C) with $ 35,227 pesos / ha. ; and finally the vermicompost (A) organic source with a profit of $ 28,084 pesos / ha.


Mr. Rafael Avila Cisneros is Ing. Agronomist in Irrigation by the Antonio Narro Agricultural Autonomous University Laguna Unit (UAAAN UL in Mexico graduated in 1991, In 1995 he finished his Master’s Degree in Administration at the Autonomous University of Coahuila - Torreón Unit (Mexico); and from 2004 to 2009 he completed his doctoral studies in the Division of Postgraduate Studies FCA-UA of C UT in Administration and Senior Management.He is Professor and Researcher of UAAAN UL since 2006. Since 2014 he has a Desirable Profile SEP and in 2016 in union with 4 professors and researchers will create the academic body UAAAN-CA-34 and since that date productivity has been reflected in 7 articles in an indexed journal, 2 books published by the Spanish Academic Editorial, Paper and articles in length of the International Administration Congresses Agropecuaría (CIAEA) 2017, 2018 and 2019, Paper and articles in extenso of the International Congresses of the 28, 29 and 30 International Week of Agronomy of the Faculty of Agriculture and Zootechnics of the Juárez University of the State of Durango (Mexico). He currently serves as Deputy Director of Planning and Evaluation of the UAAAN U.L