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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2018

Lin Xu

Lin Xu, Speaker at Botany Conference
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Title : Wound signaling and cell fate transition in plant regeneration


De novo organ regeneration, which gives rise to adventitious roots and shoots, is a type of plant regeneration for survival after injury. In Arabidopsis, two main cell fate transition steps are required to establish the root primordium during de novo root root regeneration from leaf explants. The first step from regenerationcompetent cells to root founder cells involves activation of WOX11 and WOX12 expression by auxin. In the second step, WOX11 and 12 directly activate WOX5, WOX7 and LBD16 for initiation of root primordium. We also established a system to study de novo shoot regeneration from Arabidopsis hypocotyls without added hormones. Overall, wound signaling, auxin behavior and cell fate transition are successively involved in de novo organ regeneration.


Dr. Lin XU completed his PhD at the University of Strasbourg, France. In 2013 he became Professor and Principle Investigator at Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His current research focuses on mechanisms guiding plant regeneration. Lab homepage: http://bioinfo.sibs.ac.cn/xulin