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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy
GPMB 2018

Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat

Sri Hendrastuti Hidayat, Speaker at Plant Events
Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
Title : Virus diseases of garlic in Indonesia and potential control measures


Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is one of the most important vegetable commodities in Indonesia. Bulbs retained from previous planting season, which have a high risk of virus infection, are used by farmers as sources of seed. Infection by key viruses were detected in garlic bulbs. The incidence of Onion yellow dwarf virus (OYDV), Garlic common latent virus (GCLV) was 100% on local garlic cultivars, ‘LumbuHijau’ and ‘Sembalun’; whereas incidence of SLV was slightly lower (up to 75%). Heat vapour treatment of bulbs and thermotherapy in tissue culture were evaluated for their efficiencyin virus elimination. Combinations of temperature (25, 40, 45, 50 ºC)and soaking time (5, 10,15 min) with heat vapour treatment were not been effective in suppressing GCLV or OYDV, but reduced SLV incidence in some extent.Thermotherapy at 33 oCin tissue culture was the best method to eliminate OYDV in garlic although the efficiency was not the same for all cultivars. The efficiency reached 60% for cv. Lumbu Hijau, but only 40% for cv. Sangga Sembalun. The effectiveness of tissue culture in producing virus-free garlic bulbs will be discussed in this presentation.


Faculty member at Department of Plant Protection, Bogor Agricultural University
Head of Plant Pathology Study Program, Bogor Agricultural University
Member of Plant Quarantine Expert Committee, Ministry of Agriculture-Republic of Indonesia
Member of Plant Protection Expert Committee, Ministry of Agriculture-Republic of Indonesia
Member of Biosafety Task Force, Ministry of Environment – Republic of Indonesia
Chief Editor, Jurnal Fitopatologi Indonesia