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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2018

Graciela L Salerno

Graciela L Salerno, Speaker at Plant Events
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata and INBIOTEC-CONICET, Argentina
Title : TOR signaling under abiotic stress in plants


Environmental stresses strongly limit crop yields, whose negative effects are increasing in the context of climate change. Therefore, understanding the defense response of plants against abiotic stress is an extremely important issue. Under unfavourable conditions a fine tuning and balance between growth and stress responses are required to survive. In eukaryotes, TOR (Target of Rapamycin) complex is a central hub that integrates external and internal inputs and regulates growth and development. Although the knowledge of the TOR signaling in plants has augmented considerably in recent years, its role under adverse conditions is not described. Thus, we studied the TOR complex 1 signaling in the plant model Arabidopsis thaliana under different abiotic stress. We performed physiological analysis, biochemical and molecular biology techniques in young seedlings of wild-type plants and in various TOR complex mutants (conditional mutant tor-RNAi, raptor1B and lst8.1). Taken together, the results point to the requirement of TOR signaling in the plant response to the diverse abiotic stress, however its regulation is different depending on the nature of the stress.


Chemistry Licentiate and PhD (Biological Chemistry) from University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Career Investigator (Superior Investigator) of the Argentinean Research Council (CONICET), Full Professor, National University of Mar del Plata (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata). Research Field: Carbohydrate metabolism in plants, unicellular algae and cyanobacteria.