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GPMB 2018

Xu Zhaolong

Xu Zhaolong, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Title : The functionary mechanism of a soybean gene GmMCU1 in response to salt stress


Salt stress is a key factor seriously limiting yield and quality of crops. Calcium as a second messenger, plays an important role in the process of responding salt stress in plant. MCU (mitochondria calcium uniporter) is reported an improtmant Ca2+ channel protein on mitochondrial inner membrane. We have isolated 10 soybean MCU genes, and found that the expression of GmMCU1 was significantly induced by Ca2+ and salt stress in the soybean root, and subcellular localization analysis showed GmMCU1 was a mitochondrial protein. The yeast and tobacco with heterologous over-expression of GmMCU1 showed a more salt-tolerant phenotype than control. These results suggest that GmMCU1 plays an importmant role in the reponse to salinity stress in plants


Major Research Interests: Cloning and functional analysis of salt tolerant genes, the molecular mechanism and pathways of salt tolerant genes, salt tolerant plants planting technology research in saline land, genetic diversity of salt tolerant plants.