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GPMB 2018

Muhammad Ashfaq

Muhammad Ashfaq, Speaker at Plant Science Conference
Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Pakistan
Title : Morphological and pathogenic characterization of discolored resistant rice


Rice is the second most important cereal crop in the world and important food grain of the World population. In Pakistan, on an average 6 million tons of rice is produced each year that is about 30% of the world’s paddy rice. Rice grain discoloration disease (a bacterial/fungal disease) is emerging as a major threat in Pakistan that deteriorates grain quality and texture. With abrupt changes in climatic conditions in the country, the disease severity may be minor to major across different ecological zones. Grain discoloration affects the grain morphology (size and shape of the grain) and ultimately significantly lower yield of the crop. Grain discoloration also affects the drying, shelling, milling and processing of the rice due to weight loss. To meet the day by day increasing demand of food due to increase in population, the yield, quality and quantity of the major food crops should be improved. For this purpose, we have to grow high yielding rice varieties having greater yield potential. Rice grain discoloration and other environmental factors that directly affect the grain quality, grain formation, plant structure and significantly decreasing its yield potential of the crop. To overcome these losses we have to devise the strategies for the screening and development of disease free rice varieties on the basis of morphological and pathogenic characterization. For this purpose diverse rice germplasm will be collected from National and International rice research institute to study its genotypic and phenotypic traits. This project will equally beneficial for the researchers, farmers and scientist’s community to start up a new research projects. On the other hand, a screening of disease free rice step forwarding towards strengthen the economy of the country.


He completed his PhD from Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan in 2011. He visited McGill University Canada in plant science department as a visiting scientist from 17-01-2010 to 10-08-2010. He also joined the USDA, Arkansas, USA as a visiting scientist from 11-08-2010 to 23-11-2010. Recently he completed training course “Bilateral Seminar on Hybrid Rice” in China from 21 July, 2017 to 10 August, 2017. Currently he is working as Assistant Professor in the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan from 5-10-2011 to date. He has participated in many International conferences in different countries for presentation of papers. His main focus is on rice breeding and genetics and has been recognized in this field. Total research Publications: 50 in well reputed journals in his credit Research projects completed