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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2018

Adel Saleh Hussein Al Abed

Adel Saleh Hussein Al Abed, Speaker at Botany Conference
National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, Jordan
Title : Molecular identification of Macrophomina Phaseolina associated with charcoal rot of melon in Jordan


This part of the research was carried out at the University of Jordan Laboratory’s to confirm the identity of the fungal isolates from melon based on molecular analysis. Two isolates were identified molecularly utilizing the regions of fungal ribosomal DNA (rDNA) ITS that yielded a 584 bp fragment. The amplified DNA fragments were sequenced and BLAST analysis showed a 100% nucleotide sequence identity with Macrophomina phaseolina (GenBank Accession No. KF531825). So far, the molecular analyses confirmed that the isolated species corresponded to M. phaseolina, causal agent of charcoal rot in melon. Growing grafted melons is a relative new agro-technology used to overcome damages caused by soil borne diseases and also for cultivation of this crop using waste and saline water. Thus dealing with limited sources of fresh water. The overall purposes of this study is to gather information on the performance of grafted melons inorder to establish growing protocols optimizing this new agro-technology for the benefit of melon growers on Jordan, Israel and Egypt. The results of this study were from a regional project between Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Solving problems associated with soil borne pathogens and limited sources of fresh water will not be limited to the life time of the project, as the basis for screening for resistance will be integral for future development of this crop. In addition, local decisions will have a major impact at the regional level mainly due to similar climatic and biological conditions in common to Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Therefore, mutual future decision making based on the results of this research project, at the agricultural level in the field will be immediately implemented by both countries.


I am Adel Saleh Al-Abed. Ph.D 51 years old .working at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension ( Jordan). My Ph.D degree in Plant Nematology “Epeidemiological Studies on the Cereal Cyst Nemtode Heterodera latipons on barley” Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Jordan, Amman 2001. And MSc. Degree in plant disease “Antifungal Effects of Some Common Wild Plant Against Certain Soil Borne Plant Pathogenic Fungi” University of Jordan, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Amman1992. I am working as a researches and plant disease unit manager. Preparing, designing, conducting, and analyzing experiments and reports related to program activities (integrated pest management) on protected and open field cultivation