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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2018

Luciana Vitorino

Luciana Vitorino, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
IFGoiano, Brazil
Title : Chlorophyl a fluorescence in evaluation of LED light influence on crops of the Poaceae family


S hortening of crop breeding cycles is essential for competitiveness of breeding companies. This implies reduction of variety costs production thus enhancement of the seed companies competitiveness. The proposed solution involves the use of diodes (LED) emitting light exactly in the chlorophyll absorption range for SSD (Single Seed Descent) cereal crops breeding process. Seven LED illuminators differing in the ratio of blue to red and the amount of deep red light, enriched by yellow and green wavelengths were tested. Research was carried out in the experimental greenhouse of Hodowla Ro?lin Strzelce Sp. z o.o., Poland. Plant material consisted of genetically stabilized varieties of spring wheat, spring barley and oats. The seeds were sown in cell multiplexes, in 7 replicates x 10 plants of each species. Multiplexes were placed in a greenhouse chamber, in which 7 different illuminators were installed. Under each of them, on the basis of the same scheme, multi-pots with wheat, barley and oats were placed. Plants grew at an average temperature of 22?C and humidity of 80%. On bases of morphological characteristics and interpretation of Chl a fluorescence transient as well as OJIP test the influence of light spectra on the plant development were evaluated. It was concluded that: There is no single illuminator suitable for all kinds of cereals, each species has individual lighting requirements; the sum of the spring wheat growth most similar to the control was under the SpectroLight-1 illuminator; the sum of the spring barley growth closest to the control was under the illuminator with a xenon bulb; the sum of the oat growth most closely related to the control was under the SpectroLight-2 illuminator.


I have extensive experience in the area of Applied Microbiology. I have worked with endophytic microorganisms during the master’s and doctoral studies and currently I develop tests with plant growth promoters (phosphate solubilizers and phytohormones producers) and research the microbial diversity associated with Cerrado plants. Oriented in a postgraduate program with research line in Applied Microbiology and Biodiversity. I have published several articles within this line, focusing on promoting plant growth, plant-microorganism relationship and access to microbial diversity.