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September 11-13, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GPMB 2019

Tamar Kacharava

Tamar Kacharava, Speaker at Botany Conference
Tamar Kacharava
Georgian Technical University, Georgia


Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of Georgian Technical University, Chief Scientific Worker of Biotechnology Center of Georgian Technical University, Chairman of Scientific Board, head of the Scientific – Educational Centre “Biodiversity & Ethnobotanic Features Rational Explotation” of Georgian Technical University, ECP / GR and Asia-Ocean countries of the European Corporation - "Genetic resource of medicinal and aromatic plants" - representative in Georgia. Project leader - “Create and improve pharmacological genebank of Medicinal, aromatic, dye, spicy and poisonous plants". Author of more than 140 scientific works in the direction of medicinal, aromatic, dye, spicy and poisonous plants. Participating in more than 25 international congresses and conferences. Supervisor of 7 Academic Doctor, 18 Masters and 2 Ph.D. student.

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