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GPMB 2018

Miglena Revalska

Miglena Revalska, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Miglena Revalska
AgroBioInstitute, Bulgaria


I have done my PhD on Genetics in 2015 in AgroBioInstitute (ABI), Sofia, Bulgaria. I work in ABi since 2009, currently as an Assistant Professor in Functional Genetics group. I am interested in functional genomic studies on model plants Arabidopsis thaliana, Medicago truncatula, Lotus japonicus, plant development, nodulation, hormonal interaction. I have expertise in gene cloning, genetic transformation and analyses in the area of plant system biology and functional genetics, genomics and transcriptomics. Since 2016 I am team leader of a project focusing on the hormonal crosstalk between auxin and strigolactones in M. truncatula plants with modified auxin transport in the conditions of phosphate deprivation or access. In 2017 I won a project related to functional and bioinformatics analyses of GRAS TF in M. truncatula and M. sativa. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/ Miglena_Revalska2/contributions