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Janusz Zimny

Janusz Zimny, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Janusz Zimny
National Research Institute, Poland


Prof. Janusz studied Agriculture at the Warsaw Agriculture University, Poland and graduated as MS. He then joined for two years the research group of Prof. Horst Lörz Max Planck Institute Cologne, Germany during Prof. Jeff Schell time. After he received his PhD degree he obtained a postdoctoral fellowship supervised by Prof. Horst Lörz at the Center for Applied Molecular Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany. In 1993 he obtained world’s first transgenic Triticale plants. The current activities of his group is focused on shortening the breeding cycle of cereals through the regeneration of doubled haploids, somaclonal variation issues and coexistence problems related to GMOs in agriculture.

1999 – Present – Head of the Department of Plant Biotechnology and Cytogenetics (PBAI-NRI), Radzików, Poland

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