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September 16-18, 2024 | Rome, Italy
GPMB 2023

Abdul Khalil Gardezi

Abdul Khalil Gardezi, Speaker at Botany Conference
Abdul Khalil Gardezi
Graduate College, Mexico


Dr Abdul Khalil Gardezi is a distinguished scientist and academic member of the Hydro science Center, Postgraduate College in Agriculture Science in Mexico, since 1981. He has received distinctions for teaching, research and service from 1988 until 2022. He has been selected for the originality of his research, presented as the best paper and oral presentation from 2003 until 2022 in international congresses in USA, Dubai, France, England, Germany, Mexico, Nederland, Switzerland,  and Australia. He has published more than 200 papers internationally. He has been honored among 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21st century by the International Biographical Center Cambridge, England.