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Juan Leonardo Rocha Quinones

Poster presenter at Plant Science conferences 2021: Juan Leonardo Rocha Quinones
Juan Leonardo Rocha Quinones
Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro, Mexico
Title : Six sigma an option in bean production in Northern Mexico


In northern Mexico, the variety of pinto Saltillo beans is one of the preferred because the tolerance to accelerated darkening of the grain provides farmers with a wider margin for the negotiation and sale of the product. The commercial success of the Saltillo pinto and its prolonged shelf life allow farmers to obtain greater economic benefits derived from bean production (Sánchez-Valdez and Collaborators; 2009).
The Institute of Agricultural and Livestock Forestry Research (INIFAP) of Durango registered the Centauro pinto variety that was generated by a genetic cross from mestizo pinto and Saltillo pinto; This variety has registered average yields of 1220 kg / ha. When comparing the Centauro paint with the Saltillo paint, Centauro turned out to be earlier (90 to 94 days) and presented a larger grain size, the average canopy height is 32 cm and the guide grows up to 68 cm (Rosales-Serna and Collaborators; 2012).
Bean varieties (Phaseolus vulgaris) in the last 30 years have shown a decrease in their average yields per hectare generating economic damage in the producers of the social sector.
The objective of this study is to present an alternative to reduce variability and / or eliminate faults / defects throughout the process, through the analysis of statistical product data, bean varieties in their variables plant height, number of green beans and dry grain production, using the minitab statistical package and various quality tools that will allow us to identify, standardize and control the process, from the DMAIC stages.
The experiment was carried out in the summer of 2018 in the experimental field San Antonio de los Bravos of the UAAAN-UL in a geographical location of North Latitude: 250 33´21 ”, West Longitude: 1030 22´36. With three bean varieties (Phaseolusvulgaris): Pinto Centauro (A), Pinto Saltillo (B) and Pinto Criollo (C) by designing random blocks with three repetitions each.
The three bean varieties analyzed in the investigation (Pinto Saltillo, Pinto Centauro and Pinto Criollo) The three functions created presented a correlation coefficient of 0.98 which is explained in a very good correlation between the time of the vegetative cycle and the height of the plant. Regarding the variables: number of pods, dry grain production per block and average dry grain production per plant, there was no statistical difference between varieties.



Industrial Engineer with a specialty in Quality and Productivity. 2017 ITL. Postgraduate in Business Administration Quality and Productivity. 2019 Tec Milenio University Certificate in Green Belt SIGMA PRO INC. 2019 Research professor of the subjects of Biostatistics and Introduction to Statistics of the Antonio Narro Autonomous Agrarian University Co-author of the book Principles of Biostatistics in 2019.