Paris, France
September 10-12, 2020

Plant Science Conference 2020 | Paris, France

Keynote speaker at Plant Science Conference 2020 - Klaus Ammann
Klaus Ammann
University of Bern, Switzerland

Title: Evolution, Humanity, Science and Molecules

Keynote speaker at Plant Science Conferences 2020 - Jeremy Sweet
Jeremy Sweet
J T  Environmental Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom

Title: To be updated soon...

Keynote Speaker at Plant Science Conference 2020 - Anabel Rial B
Anabel Rial B
Independent consultant / Member UICN-SSC Freshwater Specialist Group,

Title: To be updated soon...

Keynote speaker at Plant Conferences 2020 - Jagdish Kumar Ladha
Jagdish Kumar Ladha
University of California-Davis, USA

Title: What is the Nitrogen Story?

Keynote speaker at Plant Conference 2020 - Dragutin T. Mihailovic
Dragutin T. Mihailovic
University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Title: Desynchronization processes in cells and autoimmune plants’ diseases: a simulation with diffusively coupled ring-like arrangement

Keynote Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences 2020 - Biljana Nikolic
Biljana Nikolic
Institute of Forestry, Serbia

Title: Biochemistry of some relic and endemic conifers of Balkan Peninsula

Speaker at Plant Biology Conference 2020 - Laura Margarita Lopez Castillo
Laura Margarita Lopez Castillo
Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

Title: Postharvest insect resistance in maize

Speaker at Botany Conferences 2020 - Arnold Gegechkori
Arnold Gegechkori
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Title: Impoverishment of the Turanian biota in discrete relict patches of painted deserts across East Georgia

Speaker at Plant Conference 2020 - Najda Agnieszka
Najda Agnieszka
University of Life Sciences in Lublin

Title: Quality of the herb Mentha x Piperita L. var. Officinalis Sole f. Pallescens Camus modified by drying at high temperatures in a vacuum