Breeding Science and Plant Reproduction

Genetics and Plant Breeding

Genetic resources and Crop evolution

For a new regulation in Plant Biotechnology


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Functional Plant Biology
Plant Cell Biology
Plant Synthetic biology
Plant Computational Biology

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Mycological Progress
Molecular Breeding
Plant Development
Breeding Science
Weed Science

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Applied Biology and Biochemistry
Plant Mechanisms
Water and Salt Stress Effects on Plant
Plant Stress

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Rice Science
Crop Science
Plant Protection Research

Plant Microbe Interactions

Molecular Plant Sciences

Integrative Plant Biology
Molecular Plant Pathology

Types of Plant Nutrients
Plant Nutrition in Agricultural Systems
Nutrient Status of Plants
Modes of Nutrition in Plants
Soil Analysis
Fertilizer Science

Plant Disease Symptoms
Plant Diseases Identification 
Plant Disease Diagnosis 
Plant Disease Management

Plant Evolution and Systematics

Phytochemical Analysis Methods
Phytochemical Analysis of Medicinal Plants

Antibiotics Use in Agriculture
Antibiotics for Plant Disease Control
Antibodies in Plants

Applications of Metabolic Engineering in Agriculture

Plant Sterols and Lipids