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September 01-03, 2022 | Paris, France

Shoula Aboud Kharouf

Speaker for GPMB 2021 - Shoula Aboud Kharouf
Shoula Aboud Kharouf
Al-Furat University, Syria
Title : Study Resistance and reaction type number of genotype (Vicia faba L.) Uromyces viciae - fabae and definition of races and Status and strategies for improvement in Syria for season 2018 – 2019


The aim of this study is to recognize the resistance level of some faba bean genotypes and cultivars against Uromyces viciae – fabae ( Pers ) Schroet to investigate the existence of different physiological races of fungus . in Syria for the 2018- 2019 season. Eighteen genotypes and cultivars of faba bean ( viciae – fabae L . ) were selected from breeding materials of General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research ( GCSAR) and some agricultural pharmacies that distribute seeds Resistance to bean rust disease (Pers) Schroet. Uromyces viciae - fabae Field and laboratories and the green house tests were carried out in National Commission for Biotechnology ( NCBT) . Through the seasons 2018- 2019.When more than 50% of faba bean plants were in flowering stage they were artificially inoculated with suspension of uredoenspores collected from several fields of early matured plants . The inoculation was carried out in excess moisture under polyethylene cover for 48 hours, The disease symptoms appeared after 11-12 days of inoculation .The disease severity and infection type were estimated using a scale ranging from ( 0 ) immune to ( 9 ) highly susceptibile according to the density and size of pustules on leaves and other parts of the plant . The results showed that temperature 25°C is the best that grows of rust urdiniospores and showed that five of the tested genotypes , Hama2 , seeds faba bean municipality( princes ), seeds faba bean ghouta AL sham, H 04/56 were highly resistant or resistant, while the others were nine genotypes and cultivars, Faba bean dafadei broad, HBP/SOE/ 2008, Faba bean Syrian Cyprian, H 04/ 57 , HBP/SOD/2007, REBAE 40, H 04/ 52 , Hama 3, HBP/SOD/2008 moderately resistant. Two genotypes S.81077 , Alaassi Spanish were susceptibile and Two genotypes were highly susceptibile ILB 1814 , Faba bean Syrian enhancer.Differential reactions of faba bean genotypes inoculated with four different isolates , illustrated that genetic variability existed among Uromyces viciae – fabae ( Pers ) Schroet in the region . this data indicated the presence of several physiological races in Syria but further studies are needed to determine their identity .


Shoula Aboud Kharouf studied masters and doctorate degrees in the field of fungal diseases of plants and plants pathology at the University of Damascus and carried out all her research during both masters and PHD degrees at the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas ICARDA on rust diseases, especially yellow rust on wheat, she worked as a senior researcher and director of research at the General research f Department of Biodiversity at Ministry of Higher Education- National Commission for Biotechnology (NCBT ). Damascus, Syria. Then she worked as a professor at the Furat university teaching molecular biology, biotechnology, general fungal plant diseases.