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September 01-03, 2022 | Paris, France

Rubab Rafique

Poster presenter at Plant Science Conferences: Rubab Rafique
Rubab Rafique
Title : Biological control of fungal leaf spots of Rosa indica l. by Datura stramonium l. extract


Fungal leaf spots are main reason of rose crop failure throughout the world. Loss of rose crops possibly have not positive effects on environment and economy of any country. There is a need of large scale production of roses without any fungal disease. So, the aim of this study was primarily isolation and identification of fungal pathogen specifically from rose plant by observingphenotypic characteristics in a survey of Lahore, Pakistan. Secondly detailed confirmation of isolated pathogens were executed on the base of molecular level study. Nucleotide confirmation of rDNA was proceeded by Internal transcribe spacer (ITS), Elongation factor (EF) and β-tubulin Bt2a/Bt2b primers. Based on morphological and molecular data, fungal pathogen was confirmed as Fusarium incarnatum. After Nucleotide sequencing, phylogenetic trees were constructed to define the phylogenetic relationships of fungal species by using MEGA 6 software. The present research work concluded that methanol extract of D. stramonium have potential to reduce the growth of F. incarnatum causing leaf spots. Reverse transcriptase (RTPCR)technique confirmed the presence of pathogenicity related genes in Datura stramonium. GCMS examination showed alkaloid, phenolic, amino acids and different important phytochemicalspresence with their anti-fungal properties. It will lead to new era to use of biological agents to inhibit and control the fungal pathogens in broad spectrum rather the use of fungicides and chemicals for getting the safe and fungicides free environment.


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