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Professor Dr. Hit Kishore Goswami (Born First June 1942) is a retired Indian Professor of Botany and Genetics having published nearly two hundred papers on plant sciences with particular interests on pteridophytes. He is internationally known for his enormous contributions on  population variations and evolutionary cytogenetics of the genera, Isoetes, Ophioglossum, Helminthostachys  Psilotum . His contributions on origin and evolution of heterospory, evolution of sex chromosome mechanism in Isoetes pantii Goswami & Arya, discovery of heterosporangium in Isoetes pantii and chromosomal variation due to interspecific hybridization in nature have been well cited and acknowledged in the botanical literature. He has been able to follow up the same populations over Fifty years and has discovered two new species in the genus Isoetes and also two, in Ophioglossum with lot many segregates possessing chromosomal variations due to natural hybridization. Professor Goswami has visited and lectured in more than 100 universities in 17 countries. Currently, he is interested in genomic studies.