Chinh Tang Thi

Speaker for botany conference 2017-Chinh Tang Thi

Title: Title: Screening effective microorganisms for agricultural solid waste treatment and microbial organic fertilizer production applying in sustainable agriculture

Chinh Tang Thi

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam


Tang Thi Chinh was born on 08 March, 1961. He is a Senior Researcher and associate Professor in the field of Microbiology and head of Environmental Microbiology Department in the Institute of  Environmental Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and technology. His main worksfocus on Screening  effective microbial strains  to produce  effective microbial preparation apply in agriculture and environmental protection: microbial organic fertilizer,  Biocontrol,  organic waste treatment, waste water treatment.


  • Selected thermophylic microorganisms for production thermophile microbial preparation applying in composting of domestic solid organic waste to produce organic fertilizer: 12 strains of Steptomyces genus  and 6 strains of Bacillus genus, these strains have ability synthesis extracellular enzyme (cellulose, amylase and proteinase) of high temperature condition likes that composting process (optimum growth temperature is about 450C to 550C).The selected Microorganisms have been identified morphological, biochemical characteristic, and 16S - DNA sequencing to confirm that  they are no-harmful  to human, animals and plants. Using this preparation in the composting organic waste of urban waste and agriculture waste showed the time of decomposition  from 45 to 30 day and saved the energy ; organic waste is disintegrated more thoroughly so economic effectiveness can be seen. Biomix 1 preparation are added to the agricultural waste process at the farm field to turn those waste into fertilizers ; this approach has result in reusing the organic source to improve soil capacity. This model is simple to apply, requires small investment but can bring out an effective result for both economy and environment. This preparation has been produced and applied in 2010 in Vinh Phuc province.
  • Selected bacterial strains has ability such as dissolve hard-soluble photphate (Bacillus pomyllus), Nitrogen fixation (Azotobacter sp) and growth stimulants strain (Rhizobium sp) for production microbial organic fertilizer to improve  quality of soil.
  • The results of using microbial fertilizer and microbial organic fertilizer production of organic waste  and agriculture waste  for  vegetables cultivation showed that, it has increased the crop yield: 10-20% of  cabbage, broccoli, radishes tomatoes, carrots, … and 10-15 % of green beans, corn. They also increase the concentration of NH+ and soluble photphat soluble in the soil.