Svetlana Motyleva

Leading Speaker for plant conference 2017-Svetlana Motyleva

Title: The use of modern physical and chemical methods for identifying adaptation genotypes Prunus Cerasus L

Svetlana Motyleva

FSBSI ARHIBAN, Russian Federation


Motyleva Svetlana Mikhailovna, associate professor,  a leading research scientist, the head of the physiology and biochemistry laboratory of Federal State Scientific Institution “All-Russia Selection-Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery”. Main activities and responsibility: studies the metabolome profile of different orchard plants using the energy dispersive spectrometry, the liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and the plant morphology using the scanning electron microscopy. Search for morphological and biochemical markers of resistance of fruit plants to biotic factors of the environment. The objects of research are traditional and rare fruit crops, cellular and biochemical structures of vegetative and generative plant parts.


Audience Take Away: 

A comprehensive approach to the study of the resistance mechanisms as part of plant physiology and biochemistry.
Anatomical and morphological features of leaes as a factor of passive immunity.
A statistical genetics approach in the study of the structure of variability of biochemical parameters as a binder component of immune system.
Practical application: the rapid assessment of genetic resources by morphological and biochemical markers using of high technology equipment