Moses Kwame Aidoo

Leading Speaker for plant conference 2017-Moses  Kwame Aidoo

Title: Physiology and metabolism of roots in response to extreme temperatures stress

Moses Kwame Aidoo

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel


Moses  Kwame Aidoo is currently, PhD. research student (which am completing November, 2017) combines a multidisciplinary research, including ecophysiology, metabolic profiling and soil physics, working on the effects of extreme temperature on crops. A main focus of this research is the root system and its interaction with the aboveground. His research revealed novel findings on tolerance mechanisms of both monocots and dicots. The multidisciplinary nature of my research enables the development of novel solutions for extreme temperatures which is one of the most yield-limiting factors in agronomy.  


Roots play important role in regulating whole-plant carbon and water relations in response to extreme soil temperatures. Soil temperature is generally lower than that of the air and seasonal fluctuations can occur with depth depending on soil and other factors. These factors can strongly influence shoot and root growth, which can cause various stresses to physiology, metabolic, processes below/and aboveground and survival of whole plant. The mechanisms involved with root tolerance to extreme temperatures are far less investigated. The goal of this study was to investigate adaptive and acclimative, physiology and metabolic properties and mechanisms of bell pepper cultivars in response to extreme soil temperatures. Aeroponic low root zone temperatures (7, 14, 17, and 27 °C), winter and summer field conditions, were used for the evaluation of physiology and then GC-MS and elemental analyzer platforms used for the investigation of carbon-nitrogen central metabolism of four bell pepper cultivars will be discussed.