Ahmed I. S. Ahmed

Potential Speaker for plant biology conference 2017-Ahmed I. S. Ahmed

Title: Nanotechnology: Introduction and Trends in Plant Disease Control.

Ahmed I. S. Ahmed

Desert Research Center, Egypt


Dr. Ahmed is a Researcher at Desert Research Center- Egypt, in Plant Pathology Research. He did his doctoral study on application of genetic markers for developing resistance of barley against fungal disease, drought and salinity, and obtained his PhD through Sadat City University, Egypt in 2010. He was also a Visiting Scholar at Division of Bioresource Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Korea.Dr. Ahmed's research interests mainly include plant pathology. He has research experiences with plant-associated microbes, biological control and application of nanotechnology in plant pathology, and he is a member of some international professional Societies. In recent five years Dr. Ahmed has published over 18 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and served as reviewer and Editorial Board Member of several international academic journals.


A lot of approaches are available for control of plant diseases, but some of them have certain limitations and risks. Generally, fungal plant pathogens are controlled with chemical fungicides applications, but they cause negative effects on environment and human health. Therefore, it has become necessary to adopt alternative approaches to combat plant diseases and reduced dependence on chemical pesticides. This talk highlights the nanotechnology, in brief description of concept, importance and activities of nanoparticles as alternative pesticides against some plant pathogens, with explain the importance of some common nanoparticle types used in agricultural applications and plant pathology.